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NASA MPs back Uhuru proposal on VAT, but… – The Informer

by kenya-tribune

ODM national chairman John Mbadi

Over borrowing of commercial loans and serious crackdown on corruption are among conditions NASA set for President Uhuru Kenyatta to support cuts on fuel VAT.

The Raila Odinga led coalition held a parliamentary group meeting and resolved it will support the proposed 8 per cent VAT on grounds Uhuru will meet all of its seven demands.

The coalition want all public expenditure to be economical further urging the government to be sensitive about the harsh financial times faced by majority of Kenyans.

“We don’t want to hear of people traveling First Class on public funds because of ‘medical conditions’,” Minority whip Junet Mohamed said in a statement.

In its efforts to cut costs and save taxpayers money for development, the coalition said the government must make a genuine attempt at eliminating waste in State departments.

NASA lamented of “too many unnecessary purchases that are wasteful, or duplicative and often simply egoistic.”

“We want to see the government live within its means. The government has to do what Kenyan families across the country are doing which is to cut what we can’t afford.”

Junet, flanked by Minority leader John Mbadi and a troop of opposition MPs, added that the government must also show a serious commitment on completion of parastatal reforms.

On this, the coalition proposed that the unnecessary state agencies be done away with and those with shared functions merged.

NASA has given the government one year within which it has to implement the proposed reforms for it to continue charging the fuel tax.

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