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New PHOTOS of Tanasha and Diamond’s Newborn Son

by kenya-tribune

East African power couple Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna are still cagey with details of their newborn son.

Born on the same date as Diamond(Wednesday, October 2), the newborn is exactly two-weeks old today as the couple continues to shield him from the public eye.

Naturally, fans have been dying to ‘meet’ the baby boy, with Tanasha recently telling one of her followers that she will introduce the baby when she feels the time is right.

On Tuesday, however, fans got a little glimpse of the baby boy after Diamond’s mother Sandrah shared more revealing pictures of her grandson.

The photos only show the baby’s tiny little hands, chin and mouth, with some fans joking that he doesn’t have his father’s lips. One fan wrote, “Awwwww hana lips za babake ??? our Kenyan chibaby ??????”

This comes as Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen told journalists in TZ to be patient as they wait to see who the child resembles.

“Just wait and see. You’ll know if he is a photocopy or not. In fact, he cannot be stolen. When the pictures come out you’ll be the judges if he looks like the mother or the father,” Queen Darleen said.

Check him out below as we continue to wait for an extravagant reveal party similar to ones thrown for Diamond’s other kids when they turned 40 days old.

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