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‘Now I can carry cute handbags’ Jahmby Koikai ‘s gets emotional

by kenya-tribune

Jahmby Koikai has been through a lot in her journey trying to fight Endometriosis.

She’s been away from Kenya for more than a year, in the US receiving treatment. She jetted back to Nairobi looking healthier.

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Jahmby has taken us through her journey of struggle and survival all along and even when it was so hard for her, she still had the strength to keep her fans up to date with her daily checkups and medical routines.

She took to social media to give us the good news that she will soon be going back to her normal self. A life without tubes and boxes.

It’s an amazing feeling to be back home and on my feet. I’m still recovering but I’m not where I was before. In the last 4 years, I’ve been in the hospital almost every month with tubes inserted to my lungs. I had to carry those boxes or bottles from chest tubes as I take a walk around the hospital in the second pic.
Now I can carry cute handbags and can’t wait to get back to wearing my petite fits. Just waiting for this weather to warm up so that my lungs can condition well.
I’d dressed up for a church service before traveling back home.
Once the temps get warmer, we shall definitely have a thanksgiving service for what God has done in my life.

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Jahmby left with a few words to encourage those going through any chronic illness telling them nothing is big for God.

To anyone battling any chronic illness, remember nothing is too big for God and fear no evil. 
Naskia siku hizi naitwa Miracle Baby lol….niiteni tu Jahmby Conqueror. Phil 4:13

We are glad she is back with a story to encourage many women and raise awareness on endometriosis.

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