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Obado and Marwa clash in rally over skewed projects

by kenya-tribune

Differences between friends turned foes Migori Governor Okoth Obado and Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama played out in public on Wednesday.

The two lashed at each other at a public function in Kegonga in Kuria East over a World Bank (WB) project meant for upgrading of municipalities in Migori county, which has been the latest public spat between them.

Obado accompanied by local MCAs, contractors and county government leaders from the Kuria area was to open a maternity ward at Kegonga Subcounty Hospital and subcounty offices. Kitayama and other Kuria politicians have publicly protested the move claiming the county government has sidelined them despite voting for him.

Trouble began when the governor tried to defend the choice of Rongo, Migori and Awendo, majority Luo towns, as the beneficiaries of the Sh516 million project, leaving out Kuria.

When he rose to speak, Obado accused Kitayama of being used by his political enemies to taint his name. “I have tried to explain to my brother (Kitayama) the truth about the WB project but he has refused to listen. He wants to incite the Kuria people against me. He is the only one who knows his aim of besmirching my name. He is here and I do not want to speak behind his back,” Obando said. Calling the legislator his brother, Obado told him “on a sober note, let me tell you whoever you are working for, you will not succeed.”

Kitayama angrily dashed to the podium in an attempt to interrupt the governor with apparently charged residents erupting in jeers shouting down the governor.

Obado’s body guards were forced to shoot in the air to disperse the crowd.

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