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Obado speaks on Sharon, Migori reacts – VIDEO

by kenya-tribune

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Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s first ever public statement on the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno has elicited varied reactions from residents.

On Wednesday, scores of enthusiastic residents temporarily dropped their daily activities to watch the live broadcast of the governor’s address to journalists.

While a sizeable majority supported Mr Obado’s call to let investigating agencies and police do their work, some said he should been clear about the kind of relationship he had with Ms Otieno, who died while seven months pregnant.

“We stand with the governor, who has so far cooperated with investigators and has said he will continue to do so. We call upon Kenyans and Migori residents to remain calm and let police and detectives to do their jobs,” said Mr George Olumwa Kidikibudi, a resident.

He added: “Politicians should not politicise this matter. The case is under investigation and we are sure the culprits will be brought to book.”

Mr Olumwa’s comments were echoed by Mr Ronald Odindo who said: “The governor has been clear. Let the investigators do their work. We are sure he will be vindicated in due course.”

In his statement, Governor Obado maintained that he had no role he played in Ms Otieno’s death and even condemned her killers.

He further urged politicians to stop politicising the matter.

“Let me take this opportunity to condole with the family of the late Sharon Otieno. The murder of Sharon was shocking, brutal and a sign of heartlessness in our society. I must strongly condemn this heinous act,” said Mr Obado.

He went on: “Following this death, my name has been falsely mentioned by some quarters. Therefore, so far, my version on this matter is with police. I appeal to our political leaders not to politicise this issue. We must show political maturity and allow the detectives to effectively investigate the matter.”

The county chief asked Migori residents, his supporters in particular, to remain calm and united for the county’s prosperity.

“I know I am innocent and that together we shall succeed in this,” he said.

However, some of the residents said they expected the governor to speak more on the matter.

“He left a lot be desired. I expected him to touch on the issue of his alleged relationship with Sharon, which he did not. His statement was shallow. Why did he not even field questions from reporters?” said Ms Mary Boke, from Isibania.

Mr Isaac Mwita, another resident, said: “Why did he take too long to come out?  He should also have told us why his personal assistant Michael Oyamo was arrested and is being detained. The governor knows a lot which he is not willing to share. All we need is justice for Sharon.”

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