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‘Otoyo and I ate rats because we couldn’t afford…’ Jalang’o narrates

by kenya-tribune

Phelix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang’o is one of the comedians who command a huge fanbase.


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Jalang’o has worked hard his way up and has always narrated his tough life journey, leaving many inspired.

The Milele FM presenter has helped many people with the latest being a 15-year-old student Levis Otieno Rabah.

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Speaking during the Milele Breakfast show, Jalang’o talked about his humble beginnings and how he and his best friend Captain Otoyo struggled to make ends meet before the fame and money came knocking.

The multitalented comedian said they (him and Otoyo) used to hunt for rats for food because they couldn’t afford a decent meal.

We ate rats together with Otoyo when we were hungry. You know when you have to eat a rat, it means you are desperate and tried everything in vain. A rat is the last food anyone can think of eating.

Otoyo and Jalang'o
best friends Otoyo and Jalang’o

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At 23-years-old, Jalang’o became a fishmonger.

I was a fisherman and a fishmonger in Homa Bay town, I used to go to the lake in the middle of the night, cast the net into the lake and in the morning I would sell fish to the women at the shore.


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