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Places you should not put your phone – Beauty and Health – Pulselive.co.ke

by kenya-tribune

The desire to stay connected to the world and remain updated is addictive at this digital age.

As such, it’s tempting to always have your smart gadget around you to avoid missing any details of what’s happening around you.

Even so, for your health’s sake and that of your phone’s lifespan, there are places you should never keep it. Some of them are:

1. Your bra

When you are busy working and your clothes have no pockets, the idea that comes to your mind is putting it in your bra. And although scientists are yet to come to a consensus regarding the effects, some argue that the radiation increases the chances of breast cancer. To be safe, you would rather not put it in your bra. Men should also avoid putting their phones in their shirt pockets.

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2. On the charger


Phone charging (Time)


After using your phone and draining the battery, you are most likely to leave it charging for the whole night. While this has no effects on your health, it reduces the battery’s effectiveness as well as its lifespan.

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3. Under your pillow

Most of us are guilty of putting our phones under our pillows just so that we don’t miss any notifications or miss the alarm in the morning. This, however, according to scientists is not a good idea. First, the electromagnetic radiations leads to headaches and dizziness and the light that glows when notifications pop up affects the production of melatonin. In other cases although rare, phones may also explode and lead to fires.

4. Front pocket

This is especially for men who put their phones in the front pocket of their pants. Research has shown that the phone’s electromagnetic radiation affects the sperms’ quantity and quality.


Radiations affects the male reproductive system (RFBLOK)


5. Close to your skin

When you are on a call, scientists advice that you maintain a 0.5-1.5 cm space to avoid the skin contact. This is because the phone’s screen has loads of bacteria that may lead to skin infections not forgetting the electromagnetic radiations.

6. Extreme weather

Extreme temperatures affect your phone and you should always ensure that it remains under standard temperatures. When the temperature is too high, the phone may explode while too cold temperatures may lead to moisture accumulation.

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