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Police in Kuria East hunt for killer gang

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Police in Kuria East in Migori County have launched a manhunt for five people who allegedly killed one person and seriously injured two others in Koromangucha village on Friday.

According to Chief Samson Sanawa, the three victims were coming home from a party in a neighbouring village when they were ambushed by the panga-wielding gang which descended on them, inflicting deep cuts on them.

Two of the victims, identified as Samson Masiaga and Samuel Wankio, managed to escape but the third one was overpowered by the attackers.

“The three were coming from a party in Kugitimu and were heading home when they were attacked by a gang of five people. They were assaulted using machetes and knives. Two of them escaped but one was overpowered,” said Mr Sanawa.

The body of the dead man, identified as John Makenge, was found in a bush on Saturday morning.

“It had deep machete cuts and one of his arms had been severed,” added Mr Sanawa.

The injured were rushed to Kegonga Sub-County Hospital while the body was taken to Migori County Referral Hospital mortuary.

“The men ambushed us and started cutting us with machetes. They did not even speak to us and we never understood why they attacked us. I managed to wrestle myself from the hands of the two of them and ran away. One of us was missing and when people searched, he was found dead,” said Mr Masiaga, who was injured on his arms, head and shoulders.

While confirming the incident, Kuria East OCPD Ahmed Abdikadir said the motive of the attack remained unclear.

But he said that investigations had been launched.

“It is not yet clear what led to the attack. The police have launched investigations into the incident and will soon arrest the suspected killers,” said Mr Abdikadir.

This incident comes barely hours after a six months pregnant woman was speared to death by her husband in the nearby Biasumu village after a disagreement over the paternity of the unborn child.

The couple is said to have been engaged in a heated verbal altercation before the husband, identified as Pintu Boroi Mwita, 26, grabbed his spear and ripped the woman’s belly. Ms Rael Boke Mwita then bled to death.

According to the area chief, Mr Mark Ghati Obosi, the neighbours of the couple were woken up in the wee hours of Friday morning by distress wails.

They rushed to the house only to find the woman in a pool of blood.

Following these incidents, residents have called on the police to step up efforts to curb the rising cases of insecurity and domestic violence in the region.

“We call upon the police to act on these rising cases of killings. It has become the norm here for people to resort to killings as a way of sorting out their differences. We cannot continue to lose lives. This must stop,” said James Marwa, a resident.

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