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Police warns motorists with high-powered LED lights

by kenya-tribune

A vehicle with high-powered LED lights. PHOTO | SCREENSHOT


Police have warned motorists with high-powered LED lights in their cars that they now risk arrest.

The National Police Service (NPS), through its Twitter account, described car owners such modifications as insensitive to other road users.

The police also warned against the rising tendency among car owners, both private and public, to modify brake lights.

“This is to inform motorists and the general public that all these unlawful modifications will be dealt with as provided for in the Traffic Act.”

The warning came after a motorist shared a video on Twitter of a car with modified lights that had caused him anguish and suffering.

The police further warned against the use of modified horns, and enhanced exhaust systems by cars and motorbikes alike.

Others illegal modifications include hidden number plates.

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