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Popular TV presenter calls it quits at Citizen TV after 3 years of service

by kenya-tribune

Citizen TV’s Holy Dave who was part of the Kubamba team has called it quits as seen on a post shared online.

The fella who is not only a media personality but also an artist announced his exit from the popular station 3 years after working; and building the Kubamba show that seems to have taken over most gospel shows aired on Sunday’s.

Holy Dave quits Citizen TV

Through his Instagram page, Holy Dave revealed that he made this decision in-order to concentrate on his studies. This is mainly because he is now drawing closer to the end of his PhD journey which he needed to give his all. Hold Dave wrote;

If you want to walk on water, you have to get out the boat.”

After careful consideration and soul-searching, I have made the decision to take a break from hosting #Bambika on Citizen TV. The past 3 years have brought opportunities for growth and I am grateful. I am very appreciative of the incredible team I have had the pleasure of working with.

Appreciates fans

Gospel artist Holy Dave quits TV job

Having achieved so much, Holy Dave could not hold back from thanking his fans on social media. According to Dave, he wouldn’t have made it if not for the support he has been receiving from fans. He went on to add;

I am also thankful for all my supporters; both online and in the many counties I have traversed. Thank you for your constant love and encouragement. As I am drawing closer to the end of my PhD journey, every minute, every ounce of energy and every resource is critical towards my thesis research. In the waves of this change, I am looking forward to higher heights as I explore new territories.

Promises new projects

For those who love his music, Holy Dave also promised to release new projects to entertain his loyal fans! Also, unlike other celebrities Holy Dave continues to encourage many on the importance of education; which is key to the future.

Holy Dave with his sister, Joey Muthengi

The singer however concluded his post saying;

As always, new music is coming your way and the work of #SupportingEducationInKenya continues with the Muthengi Foundation, the networking forums with the Ruthless Focus Gang and of course the constant #InspirationForTheNation. Stay tuned for something big coming soon!#StillDreamingStillBelievingStillAchieving #BadoNazidI,” said Mr Muthengi.


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