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President Ruto calls for crackdown on illicit brews dens

by kenya-tribune

President William Ruto has directed the National Police and the provincial administration to close down factories manufacturing illicit brews.

Speaking in Kwale county, President Ruto said, “Officers from the Police and the provincial administration must ensure that every place where illegal brews are made are closed down so that we can have a decent society,”

He expressed his commitment to deal with illicit brews once nd for saying they have ruined the lives of men and the youth and left families strugggling to make ends meet.

President Ruto said Kenya can’t be an alcohol country adding that the Government will only allow those brewing good alcohol and paying taxes to operate.

At the same time, President Ruto said his Government will deal with the drug trafficking menance saying the Country has lost enough young people to drugs.

“We are going to ensure that henceforth Kenya will not be a transit point for matters drugs and it will not be a place where peddlers and traderd and crooks are using our young people to peddle drugs in Kenya,” He said

He acknowledged that there are challenges producing enough food for the whole Country but said the Government is in the process of buying food from other countries even as it supports Kenyans to produce enough food.

The President said the Government will seek to increase land under irrigation in the country to increase production.

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