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President Ruto sinking in same ‘debt hole’ as Uhuru

by kenya-tribune

Debt hole • After taunting the Uhuru Kenyatta administration “for living beyond its means by incurring heavy debts”, President William Ruto has found himself in the same deep hole, notes Stephen Masambu. “Should he stop digging after borrowing Sh5.6 billion a day over three months? Did his economic brigade not foresee this or was it an election campaign gimmick?” His contact is [email protected]

Bar cap • Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s one-bar-per-town directive is the wrong way to fight alcohol abuse among youth in the Mt Kenya region, says Jimmy Thumbi. “Alcoholism is not caused by the high number of bars. It is a complex problem. DP Gachagua should convene a leaders’ meeting to discuss the real reasons, including the high unemployment rate.” His contact is [email protected]

Tall order • DP Gachagua’s directive to Mt Kenya county administrators to close down even the legally operating bars in the region is a tall order, says Dr Victor Isadia. “He must know that the problem is worsened by access to cheap illicit liquor sold in dens. The young people abusing alcohol are too broke to buy the beer sold in the bars he wants closed.” His contact is [email protected]

Open loo • The open defecation and urination at the flyover/bypass near Galleria Mall and Kenya Wildlife Service fence in Nairobi, Kinyua Ndagitari finds quite disgusting. “It’s a piss-off to see women helping themselves out on the grass as there are no public toilets. It’s a health hazard, with pieces of used toilet paper flying around and monkeys playing with them.” His contact is [email protected]

Access denied • Nairobi’s Uhuru Highway and Haile Selassie Avenue are always busy roads, remarks Japheth Amugada. “To ease crossing by pedestrians, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) should build footbridges at the railway roundabout, Harambee Co-op building to the Green Park, and InterContinental Hotel to Uhuru Park and repair the footbridge at Times Tower.” His contact is [email protected]

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