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Pretty Vishy and Stivo should get back together

by kenya-tribune

Stivo Simple boy says he is a single man and so is his ex girlfriend, Pritty Vishy saying the same thing….and now that they’re both single – lets just say – maybe breaking up for them was not such a good idea.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Apart from the clout chasing stunts, I can bet that Stivo Simple boy has not been with (maybe) with another woman who understands him like Pritty Vishy did. Vishy on the other hand will tell you that bale ya wanaume wa Nairobi nikama ya China goods….fake and expires Baraka.

Which is why she appears to be so bitter with men since they always cheat whether with a good woman or just average….ata Jay Z alicheat.

Match made in Heaven

Anyway having not moved on, I guess its only fair to assume that these two are a match made in Heaven – which is why they can’t seem to replacements after breakup.

Also when they were together, they often bagged deals that brought in good money; another good reason as to why they should rwkindle their old flame, but having seen how Pritty handled Stivo’s last management – I can bet you that his new team wouldn’t want Pritty in the picture now or anytime soon.

Stivo simple boy

But truth is, nothing can stop soulmates from being together and if indeed Stivo’s future wife and mother of his kids is Pritty Vishy…..they’ll one day find a way back to each other.

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