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Qualities Karen Nyamu is looking for in next potential husband

by kenya-tribune

Karen Nyamu is not looking at the moment but just incase she decides to look around….well – let’s just say she wants a handsome man who can be life of the party – because unlike most women who settle just to say they have a husband….Karen Nyamu wants happiness and a perfect man that completes her.

Asking how I know well its because Karen jas been sharing quite alot about herself and the kind of things she wants in life. Well one of them turns out to be a perfect man who she described as someone who matches her energy saying;

Karen Nyamu

I love energetic people full of life and down for whatever. I want someone spontaneous. For instance, we could randomly decide to go to Mombasa on a trip. I don’t like the type of person who plans a getaway weeks ahead

Karen Nyamu needs a Ben 10

Well – with what Karen Nyamu said – i can only imagine she pictures life like that of Zari Hassan who has been dating a 20 something year old….allegedly….and seeing how happy she has been – i mean wouldn’t you want the same?

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

So yea if Karen Nyamu wants random trips, get aways then it means the guy might either be a billionare taking off days just cause he can….or a 20 something jobless boy who is always ready to go when Karen Nyamu says so.

Also these youngins also happen to have a lot of energy….and since this is something Ms Nyamu is desperately looking for, then getting a younger fella is the way to go.

If not….I guess she’ll keep going back and forth with baby daddy Samidoh until she ages because time on the other hand is not slowing down for anybody.

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