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Real estate developers should avoid shortcuts

by kenya-tribune

In recent months, Kenya has seen a surge in real estate development, with new buildings going up in cities and towns all over the country.

However, this growth has also been accompanied by a disturbing trend: the collapse of buildings. Many of these collapses have been attributed to shortcuts taken by developers and contractors and highlight the need for more caution in the construction sector.

The collapse of buildings needs to be addressed urgently. These events not only result in significant economic losses but also put people’s lives at risk. Real estate investors must take a responsible approach to construction.

This means investing in quality materials, hiring qualified contractors, and ensuring that all safety regulations are followed. Taking shortcuts, such as using substandard materials can lead to serious consequences down the line.

The government has a crucial role to play. Strict enforcement of building codes and regulations is essential to prevent shortcuts and ensure that all structures are built to a high standard.

The National Construction Authority (NCA) should be given more power to prosecute offenders who defy the building code. Furthermore, corrupt government inspectors who abet the vice should be punished accordingly. 

Real estate investors must also take steps to ensure safe construction. This includes engaging professional engineers and architects, who can provide essential advice on building design and materials selection, as well as oversee the construction process.

Proven track record

Investors should also engage contractors with a proven track record of building quality and safe structures. These contractors should have experience in the local building regulations, as well as a commitment to using quality materials.

It is also crucial for real estate investors to engage the local community in the construction process. This means providing information about the construction project, seeking input from residents, and addressing any concerns they may have.

By engaging the local community, real estate investors can help build trust and ensure that the new structures are integrated into the local community in a safe and sustainable manner.

In conclusion, real estate investors must take a responsible approach to construction and engage professionals, engineers, and experienced contractors.

The government must also play its role in enforcing building codes and regulations, and holding corrupt government inspectors accountable.

By taking a proactive approach to addressing the issue of building collapses, real estate investors, the government, and the local community can work together to ensure that the growth in Kenya’s real estate sector is sustainable and free from the threat of building collapses.

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