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Realme GT Neo 5 with world record 240w fast charging gets a release date

by kenya-tribune

Finally, after months of speculation, Realme has finally provided a launch date for the much anticipated Realme GT Neo 5 which will feature the world’s fastest charging for a smartphone at 240 W.

Posting on Weibo, Realme finally confirmed February 9 at 2 PM (Chinese time) as the first time we will get acquainted with their new device. For such an innovative smartphone, Realme has remained firmly tight-lipped regarding the phone’s specifications, aside from the superfast 240 W charging.

However, we still have a rough idea of what we will get based on leaks from well-informed tipsters and certification bodies like TENAA.

First up, is that there will be two versions of the Realme GT Neo 5, one with a slower charging speed at 150 W and a 5,000 mAh battery and the other with the full 240 W charging featuring a smaller battery rated 4,600 mAh.

This appears to be the only major difference between the two variants, as both of them will be powered by the same chipset, an under-clocked version of Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 from TSMC.

As noted previously, Realme has incorporated a new charging system to the GT Neo 5 that achieves a charging conversion efficiency rate of 98.5% by using a three-way 100W charge pump in parallel design which has 240W (20V/12A) input and 240W (10V/24A) output.

Just like its sister brand Oppo, Realme is likely to use a 50 MP main camera with the IMX890 sensor from Sony, for its flagship offering. This will be complemented by a 6.7-inch AMOLED with a 144 Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 2772×1240.

While the fine details of the Realme GT Neo 5 are frustratingly scanty, it is not long to the release date when Realme will hopefully shade more light on what they are offering, in addition to answering questions such as the expected lifecycle of the device given its superfast charging nature.

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