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Recruited 30,000 new teachers to be deployed beginning January 30

by kenya-tribune

At least 30,000 new teachers will be absorbed by the Teachers Service Commission beginning January 30, 2023, the biggest recruitment since the 1990s, TSC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nancy Machari has said.

All the new teacher recruits will be enlisted in the TSC payroll.

Macharia spoke at Kenya National Education Council’s (KNEC) Mtihani House during the release of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) 2022 results yesterday.

“We are currently recruiting 30,000 teachers, interviews for those shortlisted are set to be concluded by January 20, 2023 which will pave way for the teachers to be posted… It is our intention to have the new recruits join the payroll on January 30 on the same day as the Junior Secondary School(JSS) learners resume.” Macharia observed.

They will undergo a retooling program to equip them for the Junior Secondary School (JSS) learners as it seeks to provide guidelines on the teaching and administration JSS upon reporting at respective schools.

“All the new recruits will be put on a retooling regime to ensure they adequately attend to the JSS learners,” said Macharia.

She said TSC has set aside 2,376 master trainers to help in the retooling programming.

Furthermore, Macaharia revealed that the commission targets to train at least 90,000 teachers between January and April 2023 on the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) to provide guidelines on teaching and administration.

In addition, she assured the transparency of the process while complying with the values and principles of the Constitution stating that the commission had carried out a careful 14,733 teachers transfer process across the country effective beginning this term.

“We conducted the exercise affecting 14,733 teachers’ transfers which will become effective this term. These transfers will not affect the delivery of our teachers.” Macaharia noted.

The CEO informed teachers of the enhanced changes in the medical insurance scheme which she reaffirmed confidence of being more attractive.

” all teachers ought to familiarise themselves with the changes to ensure that they fully use the scheme with their families,” Macharia declared.

Teachers’ union bodies, the ReTeachers’ unions Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) led by KNUT secretary general Collins Henry Oyuu and his KUPPET counterpart Akelo Misori have lauded the efforts by the teachers’ employer calling for more commitment to ensure positive results.

They congratulated TSC on the hiring of the 30,000 teachers, however revealed that it was a drop in an ocean and have asked the commission to ensure the thorough and rigorous training process of teachers to ensure effectiveness across.

“We laud teachers on the training of teachers on CBC which is seen a timely,” Oyuu said.

“The teachers training is urgent so as to ensure smooth transition and we call for proper retooling and induction of teachers who will be used in the transition process,” argued Misori.



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