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Ride-Hailing App Resumes Operations in Select Routes

by kenya-tribune

Ride hailing App SWVL has resumed operations in select routes as the company pushes for NTSA compliance. The company has resumed operations in Utawala and Mlolongo, among other Eastlands routes. Moreover, SWVL has added new routes, now offering transport services along Thika-Westlands, Ngong-Westlands, and Kahawa Kilimani.

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SWVL is pushing for full NTSA compliance by the end of November after it was forced to pull out its vehicles on some routes in Nairobi. SWVL faced hiccups with NTSA as the authority required the transporter to follow public service vehicles’ regulations.

“In our goal to provide commuters with a safe, convenient, and efficient mass transport option. We have had our challenges. We’re still in engagement with NTSA, and we remain committed to finding a way forward. We believe that our solution is transformational.” Shivachi Muleji, SWVL Kenya GM said. “Besides, we are happy that the NTSA is willing to engage us and find a way forward.”

Additionally, SWVL founder Mostafa Kandil reiterated the company’s willingness to comply with NTSA regulations.

“We will continue this drive and do everything required of the business to achieve our goal, ” said Mostafa Kandil.

Last week Friday, SWVL pulled out their vehicles owing to alleges of non-compliance with NTSA regulations. As a result, the company cancelled trips for customers in routes like Wangige, Kiambu, Westlands, Kasarani, and Jogoo Road.

“We would like to notify our customers that we intend to be fully compliant with NTSA regulations by the end of November. However, in the meantime, our routes have been affected. We apologize for the inconvenience caused,” read a notice to customers on November 12.

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