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Risper Faith finally explains why she does not show her sons face

by kenya-tribune

A former socialite and reality TV actress, Risper Faith has been a mother for almost a year now and we have not yet seen the face of her gorgeous son.

I am sure he is gorgeous because she is beautiful and her husband, Brian is also very handsome so we can be sure she has a cute son. Plus she is the type of people to really take care of her children based on just how much she takes care of herself.

Her former colleague, Bridget Achieng has been sharing the picture of her son, Sekani, from the time he was born and Risper wishes she would have the same confidence.

She commented on Sekani’s picture saying,

so cute I wish I had the confidence to post my son he looks like heaven

One fan said she should give her fans the chance to see the heaven she is holding. But Risper revealed the truths. That is not happening.

The internet is a very cruel place

That is the main reason she has kept her son away from social media. Risper takes pictures holding the baby, but face covered. Something so many celebrity mothers are doing these days.

Risper Faith spills the beans on how she met her husband Brian

You’d better be safe than sorry because the social media streets because they can be very rough.

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