Home Entertainment Rogue official ‘selling’ CAS slot for Sh40 million

Rogue official ‘selling’ CAS slot for Sh40 million

by kenya-tribune

A highly-placed government official has been demanding up to Sh40 million to “secure” the position of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS). 

The official, who is well-known for his appetite for underhand deals, is said to have chased one of the individuals seeking a CAS position for failing to raise the required amount. 

Even an attempt by the applicant, who is still waiting to hear from the Public Service Commission, to curry favour by providing half of the demanded amount – with a promise to pay the remainder after appointment – did not bear fruit.
The official is said to have asked his bodyguards to escort the hopeful out of the office, telling them to come back when with the full amount. 

It is not even clear if the official will actually deliver the slot. 

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