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‘Rubbed his toothbrush under the toilet rim,’ people reveal the pettiest things they’ve done after a break-up

by kenya-tribune

What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done after a break-up?

People out here are savage. They are not afraid of doing anything bad and if you thought its only women who overreact after a break-up, you’re wrong. Men are the worst.

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Well, both men and women have come out to reveal the pettiest things they’ve ever done after a break-up and below are some of the comments.

Rita: I popped out the ball from his roll on deodorant poured it out replaced it with bleach & put the ball back on then I scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush & sprayed pledge on his hairbrush not to mention I cut up all the clothes I bought him.

Brookie: His friend gave me bond money to get him out. I decided to go shopping instead

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Royalrobin: I took all the thread out of the seams of his jeans. So when he stepped into them they split apart. I also took all his stuff and placed it in the front yard and the garbage man took it for me. ???? When his new phone came in the mail I put a virus on it.

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Ichangedmynameagain: I drank a lot of water for a couple of days until my urine was clear and peed in the ice trays when I went back to get my things from the house

Giovanavilar: Changed the content of his whey protein fro baby formula powder. Dude got fat.

Sulleb: He was asleep and his side chic was texting him. I was texting back acting like I was him and invited her over. When he woke up we were both standing over him. He thought he was dreaming.

Ifeemster: I put cooking grease in his hair food. He had patches of hair missing weeks later. Rubbed his toothbrush under the toilet rim, put clothes outside and had a hood sale. Everything was free. I bleached his clothe, put water inside his Xbox, and smashed his car windows.

Girltoria: Cut the right sleeve off all his dress shirts and hung them back up in the closet with the left side showing so he wouldn’t know.

Kamra: My ex is a diabetic so i unplugged the fridge and got all his insulin hot.

That_privilegething: Busted his windows out but only on the driver side so he’d have to drive with his head out the window like Ace Ventura…. Put my foot in his car tv and he just bought it.

Rubadub: I put vick’s vapor rub in the body wash ????

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Hauteinbarbie: Remove all them car handles except for the back left

Beautiful.disaster: I went on the multiple dating sites he was on and switched it to male seeking male with a very detailed description of what he wanted done to him.

Scarletstar: Took all the furniture out the house. Even the refrigerator and gave it all to random family members and moved to a diff state all while he thought he was giving me time to cool down

Roselatina: Used his toothbrush to slay my edges

Boosheone: Poured a bag of sugar in his bed, made it up nice and pretty, then left. lls He had ants for years…

Co_0p: I needed a new tablet so i went to best buy and used his credit card that was on file and sent him the receipt via email

Craigdabaker: I’m color blind so I have had tags on my suits to indicate what matched. She gave me my suits but took out the tags!! I looked like a clown for months!!

Goddesspoetree: Not proud of it now but was at the time…. I popped holes in all four corners of his water bed n lured him out for the evening. By the time he returned at 3am, he layer back in his bed and almost drowned. We laughed about it later.

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Clmoore: Reported fraud to the unemployment agency for him to have to repay it four times the amount he was given 40bands..

Cruzandoc: Traded in her brand new fully loaded suv for a smaller basic car

Bdr5518: I threw some of his closes away before I put him out!

Queenzanzan: Told him he wasn’t ready for where my life was about to go, took back clothes I had gotten him that still had the tags on, and flattened his little fence

Kai_quadir: Cut slits in his mattress and poured spoiled apple juice in the slits I made. Ninja won’t be pleasing no other chick on that mattress ????????????

Would you ever do any of the above to your partner after break-up?

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