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Ruto-Raila feud, Refugees Xmas pain, Uhuru’s legacy wait: Your Breakfast Briefing

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Candidates who had not performed exceptionally well in their primary education have stolen the show in the just released results, proving that a 100 per cent transition is possible.

For instance, Kamau Josphat Mwangi had 278 marks in KCPE but scored A- in KCSE. This is the first time that the ministry analysed top 100 most improved candidates in relation to their KCPE performance.

These are the stories making headlines in the Star this Saturday morning.

Kenyans await the success of Big Four agenda as Uhuru’s enduring legacy

President Uhuru Kenyatta has rolled out four key thematic areas commonly referred to as the Big Four Agenda in a bid to consolidate his legacy ahead of 2022 when he exits the office.

 Unlike during his first term in office where he ended it with a mix bag of achievements on his 2013 manifesto, this term round the President is said to be keen to ensure that he delivers on the pet projects. 


I want to be an engineer, top girl says as Migori celebrates

Migori was in a celebratory mood on Friday after the county produced KCSE’s top student. Another was among the top 10 nationally.

Education CS Amina Mohamed pronounced Juliet Otieno the top student with Mel Christine following in position six nationally.

The two were together at Christine’s home in Rongo at the time Amina made the announcement. They are friends and neighbours.


Raila-Ruto feuds disruptive but boon for national stability

The open hostilities exhibited by Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto camps in the last two weeks may appear dangerous for nationhood.

However, a careful assessment reveals the feuds that have assumed high intensity lately are healthy for the stability of the country.

The ping pong brickbats are godsend for President Uhuru Kenyatta in his quest to build and bequeath a lasting legacy to Kenyans.


It will take more than the Handshake to get Raila to State House

It is without doubt that Uhuru-Raila handshake has borne huge political dividends for Raila Odinga, and now he is enjoying massive goodwill ahead of his future political ambitions.

Receiving the President in Kisumu and hosting him at his backyard went a long way to pave way for great things for him.

Whether that goodwill will result in his clinching the presidency, is the big question now. 


No Christmas for refugees as they decry brutality, bribery and threats

When you cry and weep, when you are miserable, you are alone. When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you, so the saying goes.

To a number of urban refugees, sorrows and pain are the banes of their existence, and not even agencies mandated to protect them are standing up for them to put a smile on their face.

As their host countrymen and women troop for festivities and plan for the new year, theirs is anxiety and fear of being abused and beaten when the world isn’t watching, as it is engrossed in celebrations.


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