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“Septic Tank Era of Women!” Saumu Mbuvi Sensationally Defends her Senator Fiancé against Baby Mama

by kenya-tribune

Saumu Mbuvi has sensationally jumped to the defense of her man – Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip – after a woman identified as Hanifa Were went public about her short-lived affair with the lawmaker.

Hanifa on Sunday accused the legislator of abandoning her after she got pregnant. Apparently, Anwar turned hostile after she informed him about the pregnancy and also threatened to kill her if she tainted his name.

“I went there and waited for him as he told me he was in a meeting. He came at around 8pm and since it was late, he insisted that we go to his house. I protested as I had no extra clothes with me but he said he would buy me everything. We ended up at his home and I spent the night there. When I informed him that was pregnant after three weeks, he became hostile towards me. I decided that I would keep my baby. This is the man who has been following me. I fear for my life. I am afraid of Anwar. He is not a good person,” said Ms Were.

Not one to sit by and watch her man’s name being dragged in the mud, Saumu Mbuvi, in a flurry of posts on her Instatories, lectured Ms Were and other women of her ilk who view men as cash cows.

‘Septic Tank Era of Women’

In one of her posts, governor Sonko’s daughter referenced the ongoing murder probe into the gruesome death of Tob Cohen whereby his body was discovered in a septic tank.

Saumu opined that we are living in the “Septic Tank Era of women”.

Septic Tank Era of woman. You meet a man on Facebook, one month later you are in love and pregnant because you have it all planned out. Something doesn’t add up. Get a job, start a business selling clothes or foodstuffs..bado ni hustle. Other than sitting there waiting to destroy a man who has gone through sh*t to be who he is. If you have not been part of his pain and struggles why try come and act like there is so much you can add to his life and its just sex.

“Show someone the nudity of your soul by making him a better man but mot destroying him. Help him work out more deals or open more businesses than just spending his money. Work out with him how he can leave a better legacy to his children than just be there to tarnish… if you have nothing better to add to a person leave them how you found them,” wrote Ms Saumu.

‘Generation of Lazy Women’

In another post, she wrote: “I see women coming out saying how they had a relationship with so and so. If you want my respect, tell more than you offering sex. Tell how you did business deals together not just sex. This generation is full of lazy women who think men are their financial get-through. You meet a man you and immediately claim you are pregnant just to foolishly secure the bag and the advantages that come with sleeping with so and so. You lose yourself worth.

Saumu added: “If you want to know the kind of woman you are dealing with listen to how they talk about a certain man. Doesn’t miss three points without them mentioning money this money that. That’s why so many are taking the shortcut out to a point of putting a man in a septic tank for money. It’s such a shame to be part of such a generation. Listen, this life has no shortcuts work hard for what’s yours and let a man meet you halfway.”

Here are some screenshots of Saumu’s rantings.

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