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She is bold, self-reliant, confident: Aspects of a modern day woman

by kenya-tribune

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Over the centuries, women were regarded as the lesser gender. Men were considered to be the protectors and providers. Women were looked at as being the homemakers and child-bearers. They were expected to be timid and to always be dolled up. But with modern times, roles have been reversed and certain adjectives are no longer used when talking about women. The modern woman is:

1.Independent – She knows how to take charge of her own life. She is responsible for her own actions and is not afraid to take well-thought out risks. The modern woman knows and identifies herself as a girlboss. She makes no apologies when making decisions. Her independence doesn’t mean that she is afraid to ask for assistance and guidance. She knows the importance of a different opinion.

2.Confident – She is educated and very competent in her chosen career. She is confident in the decisions she makes concerning her life and work. Nothing and no one can shake her confidence. Her confidence radiates every time she walks into a room. One can’t help but notice her.

3. Passionate – The modern woman is passionate about the things that drive her, be it her job or personal matters. In the pursuit of her passions, she finds ways to overcome the hurdles that present themselves. She is aware that her passions are what build her as a person and she ensures they always have priority.

4. Jane of many trades – She is mutlifaceted and takes on many roles. This can be challenging, but she embodies each of them with strength and poise. She has the ability to confidently embrace each of her roles with ease, truly making her a real-life Wonder Woman.

5. Fearless – She knows that being fearless doesn’t mean being rash in making decisions, but rather putting her fears aside in order to reach her goals.She understands the risks involved and she deliberates before making any decisions. The unknown motivates and doesn’t scare her but  her. She is not afraid of failure. For her failure is never a loss but a lesson learnt.

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6.Homemaker and money-maker – The modern woman still thrives as a homemaker. She provides her children and significant other with the love and attention they require. She still supervises homework, makes dinner and does the grocery shopping. But she also brings­­ the big bucks home, she believes that two incomes are better than one when it comes to securing the future of her family. Moreover she wants to instill in her children that there’s nothing wrong with working hard and achieving your dreams while still raising a family.

The modern day woman is a force to be reckoned with.

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