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Show of Love For Luxury Addicts

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Show of Love For Luxury Addicts


I f you thought January had high pressure, wait until your lover demands some of these gifts as evidence of your commitment. Things will not be so rosy if all you had planned for is a bunch of flowers to express your undying affection. Here are five unique ideas that are sure to impress, but some are by no means for the faint-hearted.

Hand-crafted handbag (For Her)

This is a gift she can carry with her everywhere. A customised and personalised hand-crafted bag is rare, especially if it is of high quality.

Lulea by Chesneau is a good place to start. Owned by Edmond Chesneau and his wife Nancy Warungu, this couple has brought international experience in luxury leather goods to Kenya. If you want something functional then pick Wazawazi bags. Chebet Mutai creates unique price-friendly pieces.

To truly stand out, then Femi Olayebi might be another option to consider. Her love for ‘aso-oka’, a hand-loomed, coloured cloth woven mostly by the Yorubas in Nigeria led to a unique design that celebrates Africa’s vibrant culture.

Timepiece and air ticket to Baselworld in March (For Him)

To honour the time you have spent together, nothing shows more appreciation that a good timepiece.

You have dozens of good brands to choose from; Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Rolex to Grand Seiko. The choice depends on his age and level of sophistication. If he is a young man starting out on his transition from a watch to a timepiece, I recommend something modern.

Pick the Hublot brand. It says you are far from conservative. It is edgy, bold and cleverly blends tradition and innovation.

Custom built Mercedes AMG S62s with factory visit (For Him or Her)

Walking into a dealership, whipping out a cheque book and driving out in a brand new Mercedes Benz is a show of positive cash-flow. Ordering a custom-made Mercedes Benz AMG will leave no doubt that you have been thinking of him (or her) for a long time. Planning so that it is delivered on Valentine’s Day is pure romance.

Consider the two-door version preferably the C Class Cabriolet or the S63 Mercedes AMG. Don’t forget to tick all the right boxes, including the Designo leather, customised footwell with illuminating name and performance exhaust system.

Other interesting options would be going for a matte finish instead of metallic paint. Of course you can go for low profile tyres.

However, you are too late for 2019, so plan for 2020. The lead-time for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece could be anything between eight to 12 months.

Dinner at the 5 Senses Restaurant (For Her)

OK, if the above ideas are too elaborate, expensive and ostentatious you can take it slow. To keep things simple but impactful, a great meal will do.

I have picked out a new French restaurant that just opened up in Nairobi’s Kilimani. What makes it unique? Well, the chef is a passionate Kenyan with a love for French cuisine and local ingredients.

The space is laid back with Jazz music serenading your date. The décor has hints of red. They have a wide choice of high quality wines that will certainly lift the mood of the evening.

I recommend the canon of lamb or salmon. Expect to spend at least Sh15,000.

Mr Mwai is a luxury lifestyle

consultant for Luxuria East Africa based in Kenya

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