Home Politics Siaya deputy governor attempts to implicate Orengo in corruption – Weekly Citizen

Siaya deputy governor attempts to implicate Orengo in corruption – Weekly Citizen

by kenya-tribune

Details have emerged over allegations how perceived disgruntled Siaya deputy governor William Odoul plotted to leake information implicating governor James Orengo to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

According to a highly placed source privy to ongoing wrangling in Siaya county, Oduol was reportedly bitter since he was not involved in the purported looting.


It’s imperative to note that Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Jack Odinga is the new face of corruption in Siaya, atleast going by information from whistleblowers.

Oduol was reached for comments but had not reacted to the allegations by press time.

Recently,  another whistleblower detailed how governor Orengo’s administration has been entangled in fresh scandals over theft of millions of shillings and irregular procurement of services.

The Governor has been accused by multiple junior staff in his government of alleged collusion with Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Jack Odinga to swindle county coffers.

In just two months of his government, Mr Orengo’s administration, according to a disgruntled senior staff has lost close to Sh 40 million through corruption.


“At least Ksh 10 million was recently withdrawn from the government accounts through fictitious imprest acquisitions using junior employees. There are documents to that effect,” the official told Weekly Citizen.

Another Ksh 7.8 million has also been disbursed to Members of County Assembly to armtwist the MCAs to approve the supplementary budget, the official disclosed.

“Apparently EACC is still reluctant to launch investigations over this matter over unknown reasons,” he added.

Orengo who carries himself as a reformist and an anti-graft crusader has been accused of using the CFO Odinga who has become his hatchet man to order issuance of tenders to various individuals without due process.

“Multi million tenders are simply dished to politically correct individuals with an aim of reaping from kickbacks.”

“A case in point is where the Governor has ordered that Ksh 80 million tender for supply of fertilizers and seeds be awarded to a woman in total disregard to procurement laws,” the officer revealed.

Another junior staff in the procurement section confirmed plans to award the woman the tender saying that “even if it is a restricted tender, the law does not allow such awards to be more than Ksh 30 million.”

During the recent South Gem Ward by election, Citizen Weekly was told that Orengo ordered Odinga to process Ksh 5 million to help ODM candidate Polycarp Wanga win the seat but despite the money being withdrawn, the Governor’s allies say, not a penny was spent, leaving the candidate’s family to struggle with the expenses.

“The ODM candidate’s brother Abala Wanga who is the Kisumu City Manager was left to finance the entire campaigns, straining him despite money being illegally allocated from County coffers thus leading to the party’s loss to an independent candidate,” another official revealed.

Independent candidate Brian Obiero Anyango emerged winner in the by-election held on December 8.

He garnered 3,469 votes against Mr Wanga’s 3,353 votes, propelling him to secure a five-year term at the Siaya County Assembly.

“Orengo has perfected the culture of ordering for the withdrawal of huge sums of money in pretext that they are spent on various official events but they never perform the intended purposes, furthermore they are illegal withdrawals using accounts of junior staff. We are worried that EACC may come for us and hence need urgent intervention to save our skin,” another junior staff in Siaya said.


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