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Siaya senior police officer exposed – Weekly Citizen

by kenya-tribune

A senior police officer was transferred from Migori to Siaya after claims emerged that he was extorting money from members of the public for certain services.
The police officers allegedly was demanding huge kickbacks from residents to assist their children be considered for police recruitment in the just concluded exercise.
Some residents coughed between Sh300,000 to Sh400, 000 to secure recruitment for their sons and daughters but were disappointed as the said officer did not explain as to why he did not manage to have their sons and daughters recruited.
When complaints were raised, the officer was speedily transferred to a station in Siaya county and the fear of doing the same to some other Kenyans should be considered instead of transferring such problems to other areas as corrupt elements will remain being corrupt.

Inspector General of police Mutyambai

The disciplined force should not be tainted by corrupt individuals out to reap bribes from citizens they are supposed to ensure their safety in areas of economic operations.
Migori is a den of graft cases and the anti-corruption team should pitch tent there to get rid of corrupt elements as public servants should ensure provision of essential services instead of imposing taxes in services that are supposed to be offered free.
Corrupt elements should not go scot-free as crimes committed are punishable and should not be spared to continue serving in the public.
“Let those who have already been identified face legal action instead of transferring them to other regions as that is not a solutions to crimes they committed,” a trader who sought anonymity stressed.
The county government should be cleared of graft cases by having officers linked to graft cases face prosecution in courts so that services ought to be given priority initiated as senior employees have developed trend of spending in expensive hotels in neighbouring country with their girlfriends squandering huge stolen money in foreign trips.
The transfered officer had enemies and could not continue serving in Migori and his senior upon getting complaints over his conducts recommended his transfer.

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