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So Striking: Here Are The Most Photogenic Male Celebrities In Kenya (Photos)

by kenya-tribune

We live in a world where we are constantly reminded that the outward appearance matters.

It gets into our heads so much that we try to change ourselves so as to look like what the society wants us to look. But who said you are only beautiful on the outside? I believe beauty starts from deep within then flows to the outside.

Looking good is a great feeling, be it wearing good clothes, shoes, jewellery or just wearing a smile. All that is a package that comes with it.

We live in a world were technology has taken over our lives, especially the camera. We have smart phones of all kinds and they all have cameras be it of good or bad quality, it’s still a camera. That lens carries so much joy and confidence in many people’s lives.

Photos are a way of helping us keep alive the memories of different occasions. But one thing that is for sure is that not everyone is photogenic. You can look at it from all corners, but there are people who sought of have a special language with camera. They are so photogenic it hurts, and some, well that’s not just your thing.

Most of our male celebrities are over the top photogenic and are actually best buddies with the lenses.

I have compiled my list of top 9 most photogenic male celebrities. Check them out;

1. Jamal Gaddafi

Jamal Gaddafi

He is among the most stylish men in the country. His sense of style is out of this world. He has made a name for himself in the media industry after winning The Presenter competition. But what is most striking is his relationship with the lenses. He is so photogenic to a point it looks like a walk on the park.

2. Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma

There’s something about this model and actor. He has been in front of the camera for years now. He is the perfect example of a photogenic ninja.

3. Georgie Ndirangu

Georgie Ndirangu

Georgie has been a model for many years, doing runways and still at it. So it’s quite fitting to say he is a friend to the camera, hence even being a journalist in Rwanda.

4. Lenana Kariba

Lenana Kariba

He is one good looking young man who has constantly kept us entertained and glued to the TV. He is an amazing actor who has been in countless local programmes. But his relationship with the camera is clearly unbreakable.

5. Redsan


Is there anything that’s not hot about this guy. His height, body and looks are all on point. He is super photogenic. I’m pretty sure photographers never have a hard time when it comes to taking his photos. Did I mention he has a killer smile?

6. Pascal Tokodi

Pascal Tokodi

If he’s not acting, he’s singing. Pascal is definitely a man of many talents. He might look young but he can easily beat you at your own game. I’m quite certain that the cameras smile everytime they see him.

7. King Kaka

King Kaka

From having a successful music career to building an empire, King Kaka is one guy that is admired by many. His hardwork is inspiring on so many levels. But when he makes eye contact with the lenses, they literally obey. That’s how you know you are photogenic.

8. Anto Neosoul

Anto Neosoul

The ever bubbly artiste is a sight to see. He is always jovial and smiling which tends to reflect a happy soul. Well, with all that cuteness even the lenses agree with him. He is truly photogenic.

9. Kevin Oduor Owiti

Kevin Oduor Owiti

He came to the limelight when he became Mr World Africa 2016. He’s quite a cutie pie if I do say so myself and he fits the title perfectly. With such great looks, it’s quite easy to be photogenic. At least he has proved that.

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