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Sonko’s praise song copied from Harmonize’s song to Magufuli

by kenya-tribune

Governor Sonko has been praised in a song that is copied from the original song ‘Magufuli’ which is sang by Tanzanian artiste Harmonize.

The song which was released the first week of August is a praise song for all the work President Magufuli has done in Tanzania.

Partly the song’s lyric reads,

I wish I could see Magufuli and kneel and congratulate him in public.

The Tanzanian president, A hard worker who never tires no one can oppose that?

experts everywhere meme
John Magufuli. photo credit:file

Look at how he is developing Tanzania. Fly over tunazo, Bridges Airports, and let me congratulate you for Air Tanzania and the standard gauge railway.

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Harmonize further praises Magufuli.

Magufuli is the president of the oppressed. Whatever had died he revived and he brought back sanity to the government. Water shortage is now a thing of the past. Free primary school has seen all kids in school.

Back to Kenya, Sonko’s song praises his achieveents as well.

Na sifa yako njema yako twafuata.Sonko kiboko yao hapa kazi tu, Kazi yako sambamba Nairobi. (We are following in your good praise,Sonko your are the best and your work is perfect.)

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Mike Sonko
Nairobi governor Mike Sonko

Wenye wivu kwa umbali watucheki. Sonko we are proud of you as the Nairobi governor. (Let haters watch you from far.) You are ours and they cannot do anything.

Taking to his Instagram, Sonko said that he preferred shooting the video as it cost less instead of spending millions.

Instead of spending millions of tax payers money doing big parties and publicity, I have decided to celebrate my 2 years achievements in office in style. After the song, I will be in my private club with my cabinet and chief officers karibuni nyote tujivinjari.

Below are the two songs

Here is a video of Sonko’s song


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