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Statistical aberration in KCSE results needs explanation

by kenya-tribune

Aberration • “What a statistical aberration!” remarks university don X. N. Iraki on the recently released KCSE exam results. He adds: “It’s statistically impossible for a school’s mean score to rise from 6.2 to 10.26 or from 5.21 to 9.28 in six months. Anybody who has ever taught can attest to that. Such a statistical aberration needs an explanation. Over to the Education ministry.” His contact is [email protected].

Delay • The IEBC whistleblower who claims that Azimio flag bearer Raila Odinga won last year’s presidential election with eight million votes compared to President William Ruto’s 5.9 million has come too late, says Mwangi Wanjohi. “The best chance was before the Supreme Court ruled on the matter. It’s a big injustice to hide evidence when it is most needed.” His contact is [email protected]

Protests • Several months after the elections, the people should shun protests and rally unity for the government to boost the economy, says Paul Brandon Etyang. “This is not the time for Azimio flag bearer and ODM leader Odinga and other politicians to call for anti-government protests over a whistleblower’s dossier alleging that the IEBC rigged the elections.” His contact is [email protected]

Hawker menace • All hell has broken loose in Nairobi South ‘B’, says Sheena Zebra on the “invasion of drains, pavements, hedges and bus stops by hawkers”. At this rate, she adds, it’s not worth owning property here. “Children walk in the middle of the road, risking being knocked down by cars and motorcycles. One bus stop has now become a mutura-roasting base.” Her contact is [email protected]

Seed prices • While registering farmers for the fertiliser subsidy programme is a good thing, as it will help to boost national food security, the government should lower seed prices as well, says Francis Njuguna. “The farmers are in need of readily available and affordable maize seed. Can the government also urgently consider working on this issue?” His contact is [email protected]

Have a subsidised day, won’t you!

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