Home Entertainment STRANGE DEAL: Two men who ‘swapped’ wives now wrangling over one woman – VIDEO

STRANGE DEAL: Two men who ‘swapped’ wives now wrangling over one woman – VIDEO

by kenya-tribune



A serious family dispute has ensued between two men from Western Kenya who ‘swapped’ their wives just a few months after they got into this bizarre agreement.

According to a report by West TV, things have been complicated after one of the two men by the name Patrick fell out with his adopted wife who has since fled and returned to her parents.

The man is now demanding that the other man by the name Stephen returns his original wife.

“I’m told my original wife has left Patrick and returned to her home. So Patrick is now demanding his wife back. I met him on the road and he is insisting that I must left go of his wife since my wife has already left him,” Stephen said in the interview.

The man says he no problem with meeting that demand so long as he in return gets back his wife. but his ‘new’ wife is not ready to return to her legitimate husband.


“My life is in danger, someone is hunting me down. Just the other day, someone came here and broke the (wooden) window. Today I have received a letter with a death threat. If these two men are fighting and plotting to kill each other because of me, what should I do?” Stephen’s ‘new’ wife explained.

“I am already in love with Stephen. That other lady took away my husband saying he is young and good looking. I said it is okay after she broke my marriage and agreed to live with her husband,” she went on.

The two men agreed to swap their wife after Stephen discovered that his longtime friend Patrick was having an affair with his wife behind his back.

“He (Patrick) is the one that came up with this proposal. He suggested that he takes my original wife and I take his. We went to the Administration Police offices and wrote an agreement, which we both signed before village elders,” Stephen narrated.

He claims that after sealing the deal they even shook hands and he assumed that both of them would live happily ever after with their new wives.

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