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Strauss Energy Limited Seeks Permit to Distribute Electricity

by kenya-tribune

Strauss Energy Limited has written to the Energy Regulatory Commission seeking an Electric Power Generation, Distribution and Supply permit for its three Solar-Hybrid power plants in Turkana County; Kang’atotha (16kW), Nakurio (25.5kW) and Katilia (40kW) .

Through a notice issued pursuant to the provisions of Section 28 of the Energy Act, 2006, the company affirmed that the grant of the permit will not have any adverse effect on any public or local authorities within the stipulated areas.

“Any public or local authority, company, persons or body of persons desirious of making any representation on or objection to the application must do so by letter addressed too the ERC,” part of the statement by Strauss chief executive Tony Nyagah read.

Strauss Energy, established in 2007, provides a solution to the energy problems currently being experienced by businesses and households by providing renewable and cost-effective energy through Building Integrated Photovoltaic technology, a solar-powered roofing tile designed and made in Kenya.

The expected result is that any user of this BIPV roofing tile, instead of paying their power bill they get compensated for the extra power. Strauss expects to sell the excess power back to the national grid.

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