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UHURU GARDENS: The historic Uhuru Gardens in Lang’ata, Nairobi, now look quite beautiful after the two-metre-long grass was cut recently, says an elated Japheth Amugada. However, he wonders why the city county officials took so long to have such a simple job done. “From now on, I hope that the grass will be cut more regularly. What the recreational facility now needs is the installation of seats or benches for the people to relax as they read novels or newspapers. The drainage, he appeals, should also be fixed to avoid flooding during the rainy season. “And for heaven’s sake, please plant more trees in the gardens to provide shades for the people during hot afternoons.” His contact is [email protected]

NATIONAL CENSUS: Many political leaders are just obsessed with speechifying, remarks Boniface Muindi, amused that some have been insisting on making irrelevant comments, wasting the enumerators’ time during the ongoing national census. This, he adds, ends up wasting valuable time that could have been used to serve more people. He takes particular exception to the cooking and serving of tea, or other activities that needlessly interfere with the process. “If everyone goes on cooking and serving tea and mandazi, or having photo sessions instead of going ahead with the counting of the people, what was supposed to be done within just a few days could end up taking a whole month. Let’s just avoid these sideshows.” His contact is [email protected]

PRESIDENT MADOBE: Congratulating Jubaland’s newly-elected President, Mr Ahmed Mohamed Islam, also known as Madobe, Anwar Ogle says that his surprise victory is not just incredible, but he could go on to become one of the greatest leaders in that country neighbouring Somalia. He adds: “I hope you understand the task ahead. There is hope and potential of turning Jubaland into a secure and prosperous nation.” He wishes Jubaland a new era of peace and prosperity. Anwar, who has closely followed developments across the border, says he has heard about his commitment to communal service. “He has always been there for the people, come rain or shine, and is committed to transparency and fighting graft and nepotism.” His contact is [email protected]

PECULIAR HABITS: The peculiar habits of some Kenyans that Carey Yiembe finds quite disgusting include the barbaric conduct of people who, after being given a lift in someone’s car, will alight and slam the door with shocking brute force. He adds: “Others will shamelessly insist on borrowing your favourite newspaper just after you buy it, and even before you have read it yourself. Also in trains, and while queuing for services, some Kenyans will be busy staring into space instead of reading something. On the online platforms, all some people do is try and fleece their fellow Kenyans by pretending to be selling some valuable products!” His contact is [email protected]

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