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SCHOOL INSPECTORS: When he was in primary school, Harrison Kinyanjui vividly recalls, the arrival of a GK Land Rover in the compound would send the teachers scampering to the classrooms. It was then all about the close monitoring and supervision of teachers by the District Education Officers. “Then, the Kenya School Equipment Scheme was run so well that chalk, dusters, report cards, blackboards, rulers, quality exercise books and textbooks and Teachers’ Guides on various subjects, were always delivered on time. The education officers and inspectors would have first-hand information on school facilities and staffing levels. How I miss those days!” His contact is [email protected]

BASIC NEEDS: Condoling with the family of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter, whose bodies were finally pulled out of the Indian Ocean on Friday, Carey Yiembe says it’s a national shame that it took nearly two weeks after their car slid off the ferry and sank. “That our government, which is sworn to protect the well-being of its citizens, could take so many days to locate and pull the car from the ocean due to lack of equipment is unacceptable. Some our leaders love to display their ill-gotten opulence, but basic needs and precautions are lacking everywhere.” His contact is [email protected]

POWER OUTAGES: A windstorm was the cause of the power outage at Bluebell Apartments at Syokimau on Nairobi’s eastern outskirts on October 1 that Christine Ng’ang’a complained about, which also affected parts of the city, says the Kenya Power Corporate Communications Department.

Also affected were parts of the city. On Sunday, September 29, however, there was a scheduled interruption for maintenance on the Syokimau substation. And on October 6, there was a fault on a power line. But technicians acted swiftly to restore supply. “We are now pleased to report that power supply to the whole area has since been stabilised.” The utility’s contact is [email protected]

PUNGUZA MIZIGO: While Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot is getting increasingly agitated and frustrated that his Punguza Mizigo campaign for constitutional reform appears destined to flop, with the Bill having been rejected by more than 10 of the 47 county assemblies, Mwangi Karuga is not surprised at this development on the ever-dynamic political scene. “Surely, how do some Kenyans expect the very beneficiaries of the current bloated governance system to so readily agree to reduce the number of leadership positions? The campaign, though well-intended, was bound to fail,” concludes Mwangi, whose contact is [email protected]

LOW VOLTAGE: The residents of Nyambweke Market, deep in rural Ugenya Constituency in Siaya County, feel let down by Kenya Power, which gave them hope of electricity connection that now appears to have faded before much was done. Henry Owuor recalls that the locals were quite excited when poles were erected and power lines installed. But to their utter dismay, the cables remain mere decorations as “they rarely have the kilowatts flowing through their veins and, if it ever happens, the voltage is too low to even charge a phone”. Kenya Power should ensure a steady and reliable power supply to boost small businesses, including barbers’ shops, says Henry, whose contact is [email protected]

POLICE UNIFORM: Though former Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet, during whose tenure the new uniforms were introduced, declared that they are here to stay, Caroline Maina has misgivings about the attire. “The male and female officers wear similar uniforms, making it somewhat difficult to tell them apart. Before, one could tell a policewoman from a distance, and the white blouse was not just smart but outstanding. Today, one would need to get quite close to be able to differentiate them.” Her contact is c[email protected]

Have a uniform day, won’t you!

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