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The mark of the beast? Sweden begins microchipping residents

by kenya-tribune

We have all seen such things on TV, we have all seen such things in movies but it is now a reality. And Swedes have fully embraced it -microchips in human beings.

And it is being hailed as a breakthrough in science as now you will not need to carry your id, wallet or key and according to Futurism, this is a trend Sweden’s residents have fully embraced.

The microchip basically acts as a digital keychain of sorts and it utilizes NFC (near-field communication) to send information wirelessly from a passive chip to a reader, but only when they are about 4 centimeters apart from each other. The microchip can assist people in doing common daily tasks like sign into the gym, unlock the doors to cars and offices, and make credit card payments. What’s even more interesting, is that as the technology progresses, the implant will be able to do even more.

The microchip technology isn’t new, as it’s very similar to what veterinarians use to implant in dogs and cats so that their owners can find them in the event that they are lost or run away. Additionally, some Swedish biohackers have been having “implant parties” in an underground activity since at least 2015. But now, microchipping has found its way to regular people and become mainstream.

It’s important to note that, as with any form of advanced technology, there are definite concerns. The NFC microchips give corporations a disturbing amount of control over you and your daily activities — including tracking where you are, how long of a lunch break you take and how often you use the bathroom. The microchips are also able to hacked, which is a whole other set of concerns.

Source: The Shade Room

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