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Things men want to hear from women they love – Relationships and Weddings – Pulselive.co.ke

by kenya-tribune

So much has been said about how to treat women in relationships.

But don’t men too deserve to be loved and treated like emperors in relationships? Well, every man yearns to hear their woman whisper sweet words to their ears.

Although they may never say it, they all want to hear these things from the woman they love:

1. I love you


Show him some love and say it too (Culture Trip)

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Just like women, men love it when you tell them that you love them. And, you don’t have to wait for them to say it first so that you respond.

2. I want you

What’s the big deal about telling your man that you can’t wait to have him? He needs to hear this so that he is assured that you want him as badly as he wants you.

3. I am proud of you

After he has done a great job, don’t just be silent. Tell him how proud you are of the person he has become as well as his achievements.

4. You are so sexy


Appreciate his good looks (The Trent)


Sadly, men hardly get to hear this from their woman. And just like you like it when he tells you how beautiful you are, it also melts his heart when you appreciate his looks.

5. I will pay for that

Not that he minds paying the bills, but it feels great when you offer to pay for the drinks. Makes him feel that you are part of everything and are willing to invest your money into the relationship.

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6. I am so lucky to have you

Let him know that he is not any ordinary friend by telling him how privileged you feel to have him in your life.

7. It’s gonna be okay


Be there for him when he needs support (Thesheet)


Sometimes, your man will be going through a rough time and supporting him is the least you can do. Assure him that things will be okay and that you’re gonna sail through the storms together.

8. Thank you my love

And when he goes an extra mile just to make you happy, don’t just take it for granted. Appreciate him genuinely.

9. I am sorry


Sorry costs nothing (KissPNG)


It beats logic to try and shift blames when you are on the wrong. Admit you are wrong and apologize.

10. That was great

Just had some steamy romance? Well, you owe it to him. Appreciate him for the great moment before hitting the sack.

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