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This is how Nameless responded to Grammar Nazis

by kenya-tribune

Music couple Nameless and Wahu. PHOTO | COURTESY


Musician Nameless has responded to Grammar Nazis who corrected the title of his new song, Am Good.

Critics had sought to correct his grammar in the song, saying it should have been titled “I’m good” as opposed to “Am good.”

But Nameless took to Instagram with a witty response.

“I know its suppose (sic) to be “l’m good” lakini seriously since when did I spell or sing proper English?? ??? #amgoodwithsimpoEnglish,” he wrote.


Nameless serenades wife Wahu with new song on wedding anniversary

While some of his fans agreed that the English did not matter, others kept pointing out his wrong grammar.

bella_faulu had another correction to make, ”@namelesskenya It’s “supposed “….not “suppose”???….bora uhai… Happy anniversary…. I love and respect you and your queen big-time!!… Keep winning.”

moniquembugua95 commented, “@namelesskenya kizungu achana nayo the song is just goooood oohhh!”

tuikongketer wrote, “Haiya nani huyo anakuchokoza tuone amefanyia Nini hio PhD In English….. ? Leave nameless alone we good ?.”
Nameless’ new hit is a dedication to his wife Wahu during their 13th wedding anniversary.

In the song, Nameless professes his love for his wife and mother to his two daughters, Wahu, saying nothing would make him want to separate from her.

The song was released to coincided with and celebrate the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary.

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