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This man wants to marry Uhuru’s daughter Ngina

by kenya-tribune

Kisii based artiste Rapper Raj has said the one thing he would really love from President Uhuru Kenyatta is his approval for him to date/marry his daughter.

Raj who has dedicated the song ‘Ngina Bae

I would want to ask for his blessings, Aniambie tu nijitete I would like him to be OK with it (relationship)

My dad would be delighted plus my mum is very religious.

Ngina Kenyatta

Raj is not the only man who has his eyes on Ngina. In April 2019 a chinese man identified as Zhe Fang Liu, a photographer declared his love for the damsel.

Liu who was here as a tourist claimed to love Ngina despite having never met her.

Speaking about his love during an interview with Nairobian Liu said

‘My parents always continuously asks when I’m going to get married.

I just got overwhelmed and decided to tell people that I’m going to marry Ngina.

Ngina Kenyatta and Chinese photographer Zhe Fang Liu

So, I figured I wanted to at least go on a date and cook her dinner to see if we have the same values.

They say the beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes as they are the doorway to her heart,”

Do you think Uhuru would consider Raj for his daughter Ngina ama anachora giza mchana?

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