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Three natural ways to make your house smell better

by kenya-tribune

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and got hit by this unlawful stench that just can’t seem to get away?

Opening up the windows would be an option but it could take forever to air out especially in this weather with low diffusion rates. And even when it airs out you still have no fragrance to fill the atmosphere.

Commercially produced air fresheners as an option are not really the best solution due to the serious health issues and injuries the pose to children and the environment. To save you a little bit of trouble here are three natural air fresheners you can use anywhere you want.

1. Non toxic scented candles

7 Nontoxic Scented Candles That Smell Fantastic, Naturally. No indoor pollution, harmful ingredients, or nauseating scents. The best five non-toxic scented candles to light up your home.

Candles are more than just a source of light. Scented candles are perfect for setting the mood in an occasion whether your having friends over or it’s a date. Keep in mind you want to buy scented candles that have non toxic ingredients in them. When purchasing, stay away from ingredients like paraffin wax , artificial fragrances, ingredients and metal wicks. Some of these ingredients are indoor pollutants and deposits heavy metals which cause a wide range of health issues like cancer, hormonal imbalance and reproductive problems.

Non toxic scented candles are made of natural healthier waxes like soy,rice,beeswax and uncontaminated vegetable oils.The fragrance should be made with safer oils e.g. lavender oil. Jumia is a good place to get these types of candles. They go for around 1000/=.

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2. Natural oils

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Natural oils are a great way to freshen up your environment. There are a variety to choose from cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil tea tree oil the list is endless. A good way to get the fragrance in the atmosphere is using a humidifier. It’s basically a device that adds moisture in the atmosphere by evaporating water. Drop a good amount of oil in the water and the whole house will smell blissful.

Another option is dropping some oil in the water when taking a shower. It acts as this simple form of aromatherapy giving you a happy feeling to start or end your day well depending on when you take your showers. Jumia’s a great place to get your essential oils.

3. Houseplants

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If the first two methods are a bit too much for you, the third option are plants. Simple unsophisticated and the most natural method available.

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