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Timeless Noel’s new jam with Uganda’s Levixone dubbed ‘Chikibombe’ is amazing (Video)

by kenya-tribune

Award-winning gospel singer Timeless Noel has linked up with Uganda’s Levixone on a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love.

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The song dubbed Chikibombe talks about dancing, rejoicing ans showing gratitude to Christ for all the things that he has done for us.

To be honest, this is the first Ugandan gospel jam  that I have heard in such a long time and it’s really dope ladies and gentlemen. It really is.


Levixone really came through on this jam. From the lyrics down to the vocals, everything was so on point, if you are a huge fan of Ugandan music, you better be ready to be entertained.

I know you must wondering where Timeless Noel comes in in all this, well he is behind the dope choreography in the video and you already know that it’s too lit. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting anything less.

The video was a mash up of different media personalities and artists dancing along to the jam and I feel it works. You might find it simple but that does not necessary mean that the concept is not dope. Props to the videographer.

Watch Chikibombe below and tell us what you think.

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