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Tiny “manhood” emoji to hit your keyboard this year




An emoji that will signify a tiny “manhood” symbol is set to hit your keyboard this year as the Unicode Consortium has announced 230 new emojis to be released.

The nonprofit organization said the emoji will be of a hand with the thumb and index finger closing in on each other with the three other fingers curled back to symbolize a small male sex organ.

According to emojipedia, the hand gesture is used to describe something very small.

In addition, a drop of blood will also be part of the new emojis to be released signifying a woman who is going through her menstrual cycle.

In order to cater for persons living with disability, there will be a person gesturing to their ear to indicate deafness, an ear with a hearing aid, someone in a wheelchair and a character walking with a cane.

“The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October — some platforms may release them earlier. The new emoji will soon be available for adoption to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages”, Unicode said.

For those who love cooking or would like to write a shopping list for their partners, they should expect to see garlic, butter and onions among the new food emojis.


Unicode added, the people holding hands emoji will have four combinations of gender and all the various combinations of skin tones, for a total of 71 new variants.

Many people were surprised on Twitter with Kathryn Brandt‏ @KBtheFirst tweeting “Thank God! I’ve been hoping and praying that the tiny penis emoji would become a thing.”

HighlandFreethinkers‏ @Highlandfreethi tweeted

“Whilst the ‘tiny penis’ emoji slips under the radar because it’s ok to male bash”

The new emojis are expected to roll out later this year on major platforms like Apple and Google products.

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Kenya: Odinga Calls for Food Banks Before Total Lockdown




The Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga has supported calls for a total lockdown in case the Covid-19 cases become adverse, but challenged the government to first plan on how to ensure sustainable food distribution to poor Kenyans.

Mr Odinga said there is need for the creation of food banks to help Kenyans especially the urban poor in case of a lockdown should the coronavirus cases persist.

“We have faith in the government and whatever action it has taken to deal with this pandemic. I however, call on plans to cushion the public against its effects by providing food especially in slum areas in case of a total lockdown as we battle the monster,” Mr Odinga said during a Friday morning interview on Citizen TV.

The former prime minister said Kenya’s sole aim at the moment is how to tackle the pandemic currently ravaging the globe and should not hesitate to make adverse decisions for the sake of Kenyans safety.

He pointed out that the government should pay keen attention on areas such as Kibra, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Mathare, Kangemi among other slum areas in Nairobi as well as urban counties of Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and Kakamega in terms of food supply.

Mr Odinga also challenged leaders not just to stay at homelike any other ordinary Kenyans but instead come out and offer a helping hand to the poor majority.

“Politicians must not keep quiet and just stay at home. Those fond of attending Church harambees during the weekends must now come out and spend such funds to offer help to Kenyans at this time of the pandemic,”Mr Odinga said.

Mr Odinga added that Kenyans, particularly legislators and politicians, must not shy away from declaring their status on coronavirus and taking necessary steps to avert its spread but warned Kenyans against spread of malicious propaganda of their status.

“To suffer from the virus is not a crime. Let nobody be ashamed of declaring his or her status and isolate. Let us be like those great leaders in Europe who have taken a bold step to declare their status and consequently go for isolation.”

He also condemned the originators of a fake list of legislators purportedly suffering from the virus in the Country.

“It is wrong to speculate on ones health. Let us not use the pandemic to play politics and to tarnish other people’s names,” added Mr Odinga.

He told Kenyans to cooperate and heed to the government’s demands to deal with the virus and cautioned police against extensive use of force to deal with Kenyans during curfew.

“Police must handle Kenyans with gentleness. They must not beat up Kenyans and Kenyans must also be disciplined and uphold the law. You must observe curfew hours and follow the law,” Mr Odinga said.

He also welcomed the government’s plans to import maize in its efforts to avert a food crisis as it battles the spread of Covid-19.


“I support Peter Munya (Agriculture Cabinet Secretary) on this. The government is at liberty to import maize to address the shortage especially during this time of the Covid-19 spread” he said.

The government has authorised the importation of four million bags of maize to avert a food crisis as it fights the virus.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya said the government would import two million bags of white maize for human consumption and another two million bags of yellow maize to be processed as animal feed.

On the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Mr Odinga regretted that its implementation timelines could be interrupted but was quick to add that process had not been stopped.”

“Reggae (BBI implementation process) has not stopped. Reggae is still on. We are just on half time,” the ODM leader stated.