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Too Beautiful! Meet Wafirethi, “Wife” To Njoroge On Papa Shirandula (PHOTOS)

by kenya-tribune
Papa Shirandula actress Wafirethi Njoroge

She is the plus size woman who always leaves us in stitches and brightens our smiles whenever she graces the screen.

She is super talented.

She is among the few bold women who are not ashamed of their body size.

Ladies and gentlemen, she is none other than Hanita Njoki Mwaniki aka Wafirethi, Njoroge’s ‘wife’ on the popular Papa Shirandula dramedy aired on Citizen TV.

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Wafirethi is one of the pioneer actors of Papa Shirandula. We have seen many leave the show but the beautiful woman, has managed to stay on, and she is without a doubt the best actress on the show currently.

The heavily endowed woman who plays the role of a wife to the gardener Njoroge has managed to create a niche for herself in the flooded local showbiz industry.

Well, many know Wafirethi as an old, untidy, nonsense woman from the show but in the real sense, she is not. She is a fashion enthusiast, beautiful, gorgeous humble woman. If you meet her out there, you will confuse her for a top American series actress.

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Below are photos which prove that Wafirethi is beautiful, go through


Wafirethi Njoroge


Wafirethi Njoroge



Wafirethi Njoroge



Wafirethi Actress



Wafirethi Actress


Wafirethi Actress


Wafirethi Actress


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