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Top 5 Celebrities Who Prove They Are The Most Ratchet

by kenya-tribune
Radio presenter and artist Timmy

Gone are times when they used to be referred to as d*gs, most Kenyan male celebrities prove to have that ufisi in them not to mention their nasty salacious scandals. They are the kings of ratchet.

Times Rayvanny, Prezzo and Diamond have accused ex-lovers of aborting

Check them out;


Apart from being a rapper, this lad is a socialite and his appearance at a popular reality show just catalyzed his scandalous life. Further, he seems to have no stand when it comes to relationships, I cant start counting how many lasses the lad has bedded. Recently his Tanzanian bae admitted to giving good head to a top bongo star. All the while, she was dating Prezzo.

Why I dumped Prezzo- Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu cries

Brown Mauzo

He is one of the youngest artistes in the country and the little fame he has got makes him feel like he rules the world.

In a recent interview with a local radio station, Brown’s mic had to be switched off after slicing on another popular songstress on live recording. Rumour would then have it that he was a boy toy to a popular rich songstress who even gifted him an expensive car. Let us hope that was because of good services!

Rosa Ree summoned by police over an erotic video with Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat

Huyu ni trickydeh! His break up with fellow rapper Kush Tracey was received with criticism with news having it that he was dumped over his poor performance in bed. He would then hang out with Vivian and later cited that the two were not together with Vivian shouting that Timmy was not her type. Timmy would then start a romance with Dela which fizzled out fast. Now he is dating the controversial Rosa Ree.

Joe Muchiri

This is the real definition of a Kenyan male socialite – a cocktail socialite. Joe Muchiri hits headlines over his controversial takes on other people’s lives but the lad was once busted recording a finger blasting session between two women at a popular bar. That video is too explicit to post on this here PG rated page.

Huyu anajua Kamasutra: Timmy Tdat spotted grinding on female fan, he responds

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