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Top 7 essentials you need to get in your bedroom today!

by kenya-tribune

In every guy’s room, we all have the necessities. A good mattress to support your weight, a bed, a closet you know the rest.

But what if your room looks a little bit bland. Now I’m not shaming anyone, if you like your bedroom bland it’s okay it’s your bedroom. So long as it’s not a pigsty.

But if you want to take it a notch higher and add some more manly detail in your bedroom but you don’t know where to start, we got you covered.

Here’s a list of seven essentials you need in your room.

  1. Scented candles.

In a world full of trends, there's something to be said about the scent of a classic gentleman. Introducing Oak Room, containing 4 NEW manly scented candles.

Don’t just think that scented candles are only for the ladies. There are scented candles you can get from Amazon that have a good natural scent that’s perfect for guys.

It’s a good way to get rid of bloody awful smells in your room. So at least if you have a dirty room, you’ll have a dirty room with a pleasant smell.

2. A safe

Now your probably wondering “Why the hell do I need a safe?”

Actually, you really do need a safe. We all have physical items we all value whether it’s some documents, jewels it doesn’t matter.

You need to protect your valuables from theft and destruction. Say a burglar takes all your stuff or God forbid theirs a fire in your place. What then? Trust me a safe is important.

3. A fake plant.

Geometric contemporary Succulent arrangement


This is more of a decorative piece to add a little bit more colour in your room. It’s a fake plant, you don’t have to take care of it.

Besides, it’s not advisable to keep a real plant in your bedroom. Plus it sends your girlfriend a subliminal message that your a caring person even though you probably don’t care.

4. A soft rug.

Sink your toes into one of these thick, blue coloured, fluffy shaggy rugs.


A good rug in your bedroom can go a long way.

Once you, get it your going to be eternally great full. It offers a change this relaxing feeling from the hard cold floor. You can just relax on it with your lady.

5. Dim lights.

decoração, casa, quarto


When you go to bed, you need to dim lights to go to sleep quicker and have better quality sleep.

So you might want to invest in lights that can alter their intensity or curtains.

Keep in mind this is for the sake of your health.

6. An alarm clock.

This multifunction Mirrored Alarm Clock has extraordinary sound and bass enhance technology. Two powerful 60mm diameter 6W speakers. The latest 4.2 Bluetooth technology with EDR allows you to wirelessly connect up to 32.8 ft. of your smartphone, tablet, c


No not your phone. I’m talking about an actual alarm clock. Your phone severs as a distraction. Your going to want to look at your social media account leading you to stay in bed a lot longer than you needed to. The alarm clock prevents that from happening.

7. Full-length mirror.

Easy DIY Tips to Make Your House Look More Expensive #bedroom #mirror #furniture #interiordesign #ideas

This is essentials to make sure you are looking fresh when you leave the house at all times. A half-length mirror isn’t going to cut it, pal.

You need a full one to make sure your outfit is on point.

Here’s how you can get the most out of your sleep

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