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Total Kenya’s Half Year Net Sales Up 48% to Ksh 65 billion

by kenya-tribune

Total Kenya has released its half-year results for the year 2019 with net sales increasing by 48% to Ksh65.21 billion. Gross profit increased marginally by 1.6% from Ksh 4.08 billion in the to Ksh 4.14 billion.

Operating expenses increased by 1.78% from Ksh 2.98 billion in the previous half-year period to Ksh 3.03 billion.

Finance income was at Ksh 127.63 million, a 1.4% increase from the previous year. This was a result of positive cash position in the Kenyan shillings due to better working capital management. The profit before tax was reported to be Ksh1.67 billion a 3.4% increase from the previous period.

The profit after tax for the period was KSh1.11 billion compared to the previous period which was Ksh 1.04 billion a 7% increase. This was attributed to the positive contribution from the increase in sales, diversified revenues and prudent management of operating expenses.

Total Kenya continues investing in their convenient stores such as Bonjour shops, Total Quartz Auto service centres and partnerships with third parties in the provision of their services. Total Kenya will continue focusing on providing innovative solutions and maintaining safety standards and diversify on the services.

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