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Turn that phone on and create : The Standard

by kenya-tribune

I have come to detest seminars that ask participants to switch off their phones.
Why, you ask? Because, first such seminars scream backwardness and asking me to turn off my phone, is asking me to disconnect from one of my most valuable tools — one that can help them resolve one of their marketing dilemmas — content creation. Often such seminar organisers argue that for quality’s sake footage and photos will be provided after the event, which they do, two weeks too late when no one has use for that content.
But beyond the seminars and workshop, are you taking advantage of your phone’s content creation potential?

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Here are my ways you can and should use your phone for coming up with fresh marketing content for your business:
Create quotable moments from the most basic and routine parts of your day like having a conversation with your employees or customers.
Write these quotes down in your notepad and revisit to post when you are ready to do so. A
lternatively, make an audio recording of the same and share.
If you’ve read an article that you need to refer to in the future, why not bookmark those stories and revisit them when you’re ready?

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