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U.S. Kids-NCBA Nairobi Local Tour – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

by kenya-tribune

The final event of the U.S. Kids-NCBA Nairobi Local Tour was held on Sunday, 22nd January at Muthaiga Golf Club.

The event is the tour championship of the series and the players got a chance to get double points.

171 boys and girls aged between 5 and 18 years participated tournament.

The top 5 winners the tour in every category were also feted during the event.   

Home player, Junaid Manji, shot 1 under par 62 score in the tournament to lead in the Boys 13-14 winner category and also secure the overall position in the tour for the category with 153.83 points.

Mwathi Gicheru maintained the lead in the Boys 11 with 76 gross with 210 overall points.

 Sophia Nesbitt played 82 gross to win the girls 11-12 years category while Cherono Kipkorir won the overall trophy with 165 points. Audrey Gachora maintained the lead in the girls 13-14 years category with 81 gross and won the overall trophy with 260 points.

Maryam Mwakitawa maintained the lead in the Girls 15-18 years category with a score of 84 gross and won the overall with 210 points. The final group of Boys 15-18 was won by Krish Shah who played 80 gross and garnered 200 overall points.

Trevvy Mungai shot 44 gross to spring back to the lead in the Boys 6 and under and also secure the overall position for the tour with 227.50 points. Ivan Kimutai led the boys 7 years category with a score of 38 gross and 232.50 overall points. Wairimu Kioi led the Girls 8 years and under with a score of 43 gross and 202.50 overall points. Palash Tank shot 40 gross to win in the Boys 10 category followed closely by Gitonga Gitobu with 41 gross. Shuhan Peng played 43 gross to finish third in the round and managed to win the overall trophy with 173 points, 0.5 points from runner up Palash Tank. A tough completion was realized in the Girls 9-10 years category with the winner Aria Doshia winning with a score of 41 gross followed closely by Kanana Muthomi with 42 gross and Ashley Gachora with 43 gross. Kanana Managed to win the overall trophy with 220 points.

The NCBA Bank Parklands Branch Manager Mr. Ikua Kamau emphasized the commitment of NCBA to the development of golf in the country and the promotion of the acceptability of the game in the country. “Golf is a game of discipline, focus and endurance. These traits are also necessary for personal and professional excellence and success in life,” he said.

The NCBA Bank Group Managing Director, Mr. John Gachora, appreciated the parents for supporting the juniors and mentioned the importance of the game of golf in fostering good bonds that are important for the family and the country. He also reiterated the banks strong belief in the discovery of talents when young.

The Junior Golf Foundation Nairobi Region Representative, Mr James Ondigo, announced that the tour takes a short break and the next tour will be communicated soon.

Tour Championship Results

Name and Score

Boys 6 & Under

1. Trevvy Mungai- 44

2. Mohamed Mtsumi- 48

3. James Tino Macakiage- 50

Boys 7

1. Ivan Kimutai- 38

2. Paren Reel- 42

3. Zandro Obiero- 43

Girls 8 & Under

1. Wairimu Kioi- 43

2. Aarna Mengi- 44

T3. Irene Asiyo- 46

T3. Lynette Zawadi- 46

Boys 8

1. Jeff Kibe- 46

2. Niam Shah- 49

3. Mikhail Ladak- 50

Boys 9

1. Adam Nesbitt- 39

2. Lewi Tilahun- 46

T3. Jerome Njuguna- 49

T3. Guanze Wang- 49

Girls 9-10

1. Aria Dodhia- 41

2. Kanana Muthomi- 42

3. Ashley Gachora- 43

Boys 10

1. Palash Tank- 40

2. Gitonga Gitobu- 41

3. Shuhan Peng- 43

Boys 11

1. Mwathi Gicheru- 76

2. Amar Shah- 79

3. Justin Ngeera-84

Girls 11-12

1. Sophia Nesbitt- 82

T2. Cherono Kipkorir- 86

T2. Marya Nyambura- 86

Boys 12

1. Yuvraj Rajput- 85

T2. Andrew Gathere- 87

T2. Peter Gathogo- 87

Girls 13-14

1. Audrey Gachora- 81

2. Rohini Shah- 88

3. Navya Nagda- 97

Boys 13-14

1. Junaid Manji- 71

2. Shashwat Harish- 78

3. Kayden Wissanji- 82

Girls 15-18

1. Maryam Mwakitawa- 84

2. Antonia Mbuthia- 88

3. Hazel Kuria- 93

Boys 15-18

1. Krish Shah- 80

2. Kevin Anyien- 85

T3. Lyndon Darker- 88

T3. Ishan Samani- 88

T3. Hansil Tank- 88

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