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Uhuru must go! Lawmakers shout after House fails to overturn 8% fuel tax

by kenya-tribune

Uhuru must go! Uhuru must go! Members of Parliament on Thursday chanted after a proposal by president Uhuru Kenyatta was passed.

Shouts of “Haki yetu! Haki yetu!…Muturi must go! Muturi must go!” were heard as the MPs made noise in the National Assembly.

But the Speaker, who did not look disturbed by these noises, tried calming the lawmakers but the House could not agree into a consensus.

“Proceed… proceed.. but I can assure you that the House must conduct its business as required,” Muturi said.

Muturi said Parliament was at liberty to pick any position on a matter and the House must be guided by rules.

But as the speaker continued talking, the MPs continued shouting “Zero, Zero!”

“When the house is conducting business, the chair must confirm that there is requisite quorum. The figures that were given were disputed by a section.. how can you complain that any member walked out?” he posed.

You will have to go by the rules… at any time when there is voting and specific threshold must be attained. You will hold your horses and therefore for there ..you all know that walking out or in is.”

As he gave the orders that the doors be opened, some MPs came in and those inside the chambers began singing how the MPs were betrayers.

Wasaliti, nani…Wasaliti.. Wasaliti (traitors)” they chanted even as the speaker continued to calm the angered MPs.

The National Assembly passed Uhuru’s proposal on eight per cent Value Added Tax on fuel.

This was after only 215 MPs remained in the House when the physical vote on the proposal was called.

The House was forced to go into division after those opposed to the proposal protested after the chair proclaimed that the Ayes had carried the day.

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The development is likely to ease pressure on Uhuru’s administration from outraged Kenyans struggling with a squeeze on living standards.

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