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Uhuru press unit is dead! – Weekly Citizen




Kanze Dena when she was appointed by Uhuru

The spokesperson in the Executive Office of the President and head of the President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSU) former Citizen TV anchor Kellen Beatrice Kanze Dena, could be on her way out of her plum State House posting.

This follows reports that she has not been handling her docket professionally as required by most of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s handlers both at State House and in the Office of the President at Harambee House.

On most occasions the head of state has left the country and returned without any press release from the PSCU headed by Kanze Dena.

Journalists from most media houses in the country have also been on her neck for failing to respond to their inquiries on time or not doing so at all. As a result she is increasingly receiving flak on social media and even in the mainstream media for what is being viewed as her failures.

In August last year, Kanze ran into problem on social media after meeting US president’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Kanze who was accompanying President Uhuru and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta for an official visit in Washington DC took to twitter to express her joy.

She shared a photo of her and Sarah Sanders and captioned it:

“Hekima ni kukaa na waliokutangulia na wenye busara, upate kuelewa mkondo… @PressSec @WhiteHouse”

Netizens however didn’t seem so impressed by the caption and came all out to caution Dena against being proud of meeting Sarah Sanders.

On more than one occasion, Sarah has been said to lie and defend her boss, Donald Trump, something that has not always sat well with the majority.

Waithaka Waihenya

This then could be the reason why netizen came in numbers to advise Kanze against looking up to her as a role model.

In March this year, Kanze also had a run-in with netizens after the deactivation of Uhuru’s Social Media accounts. On March 22, President Uhuru’s social media handles were deactivated leaving Kenyans shell shocked at what could have prompted the move.

Kanze said the Presidents’ social media accounts were personal and that he, President Uhuru, reserve the rights to decide whether he want them active or not.

Later on the Chief of Staff in the Office of The President, Nzioka Waita, stated that all official social media handles, Twitter and Facebook, of the President had been temporarily suspended to allow for remedial measures to be undertaken.

Last year, journalist, Gordon Opiyo, lashed out to those managing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s social media terming them as clueless.

Opiyo who owns Health TV, a Television dedicated to health matters, went on a facebook rampage questioning the capabilities of the newly appointed team led by Kanze Dena.Opiyo pointed out that the President is being roasted on social media and Kanze’s team is clueless on how to deflect the pressure.

George Muruli

This followed the kicking out of senior directors from PSCU who included James Kinyua (Events and Branding), Edward Irungu (Press), Munyori Buku (External Communications and Media ), Dennis Itumbi (Digital, New Media and Diaspora) and Eric Ngeno (Speechwriting and Research).

Kwendo Opanga

Word on the street has it that head-hunting for the person to replace is in top gear and among the names being thrown around is that of veteran journalists David Makali, Tom Mshindi, Naim Bilal, Mwenda Njoka, David Mugonyi, Kwendo Opanga and George Muruli. Others are pushing for Waithaka Waikhenya, former KBC MD at the helm of PSCU.

Mshindi is a former editor-in-chief at Nation Media Group with vast experience in communication and public relations. He is believed to have close working relationships with government functionaries. Mshindi is being pushed by powerful cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi.

David Makali

Makali is a former editor at the Standard Media, Radio Africa that publishes The Star newspaper and he is currently chairing a taskforce for improvement of Government Information and public communications functions.He is close to Nzioka Waita, one of powerful forces in Uhuru government.


Dr Bilal was recently appointed managing director of the State broadcaster, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Bilal was the director of information at the ICT ministry and has previously worked at the Nation Media Group as a senior editor.He is close to Joe Mucheru, CS information and Communication Technology. Mucheru also gets own well with Makali.

Mugonyi is the Communication Secretary at the Deputy President’s Office. He was the director of communication at the National Assembly before being seconded to the DP’s office. He is a former deputy news editor at Nation Media Group.

Muruli is the communication advisor to Interior CS Fred Matiang’i. Muruli is a seasoned public affairs professional with more than 16 years experience in public relations and government affairs. Analyzing, planning and implementing advocacy and public affairs strategies.

Mwenda Njoka is currently the deputy Government Printer. He was previously the communication advisor to Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and he has previously worked with The People, Nation Media Group and the Standard Media Group.

Mutuma Mathiu

For Mutuma, his  close association with Interior PS Karanja Kibicho can help him land the slot.However analysts say, it will be suicidal for short, snooby and proud Meru born respected scribe to quit sh 3.5 million salary at Nation to join State House.

Kanze went to Kieni Girls High School for secondary education and immediately after high school, she worked at her grandfather’s hotel in Mombasa. She sunk into depression and after battling depression for well over a year, the baubbly TV girl enrolled for a mass communication course at Foundation College of Professional Studies.

She interned for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation(KBC) radio station as a Swahili news reader. She was later employed at the KBC TV as a news anchor alongside her co-anchor Badi Muhsin. After six years at KBC, she crossed over to Citizen TV where she experienced a meteoric rise to a sensational news anchor and a household name in the Kenyan media.

At Citizen TV she excelled and was paired with Lulu Hassan whom she anchored the news on the Citizen TV’s Nipashe Wikendi with for almost six years. Her work ethic made her develop a formidable bond with her partner Lulu Hassan making the most popular Swahili news anchors.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

Dena was born to Duruma parents, which is part of the Mijikenda community, and who initially resided in Mazeras in Kwale County. She grew up in various parts of Kenya including Nairobi. She went to Kianjokoma Primary School, today St. Matthews Mixed Boarding Primary School in Embu for primary education and Kieni Girls High School for secondary education (O-Levels) and graduated in 1997.

She served as a Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head, PSCU in charge of coordinating digital, messaging, research, branding and press at State House in an effort of President Uhuru Kenyatta pushing the Big Four agenda and legacy building before being promoted as the Spokesperson in the Executive Office of the President and head of the President’s Strategic Communication Unit(PSU).

Some of Dena’s predecessors at the hot State House position include Lee Njiru who joined State House in 1976 aged 28 as President Jomo Kenyatta’s information officer.

When Kenyatta died in 1978 he remained at PPU he was appointed by retired President Daniel arap Moi as the head of PPU a position he held until  Moi’s retirement in 2002.

Lee Njiru

Mr Njiru joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communications in 1974 and graduated with a diploma. Mr Njiru is the longest serving head of the PPU and it is unlikely that any of his successors will ever wield the influence he had on the public and private media.

Kenya’s High Commissioner to Australia and New Zealand Isaiah Kabira replaced Lee Njiru as the head of the presidential press service (PPS) in 2002 when retired President Mwai Kibaki took over from Moi and he was a real gem in terms of dealing with the media and communicating the presidency.

Kanze Dena was promoted to the head of the Presidential Strategic and Communication Unit (PSCU) where she was Manoah Esipisu’s deputy after the latter was appointed as Kenya’s High Commissioner in England.

However, Kanze’s performance has been a pale shadow compared to Esipisu who was a savvy and sophisticated communication expert. Analysts say,the trouble with Zena is that she is aloof,rarely consults and PSCU is now divided with those in charge without clear cut duties. Her experience is her undoing and never served in any senior position in any media house to win respect from industry players.

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Drama as ex-minister Nyachae daughter strips naked in public – Weekly Citizen




A perplexing drama ensued at a city high-end bar in Nairobi when a drunken daughter of a former powerful cabinet minister Simeon Nyachae stripped herself naked.

The chairperson of the women business Kenya chamber of commerce and industry Mary Nyachae braved barrage of abuses from other patrons who were not amused by her behavior.

But instead of expressing remorse, the boastful woman arrogantly  reminded her accuses that she was untouchable individual from one of the richest family in Kenya.


What surprised many was when the evidently intoxicated woman told the  irked customers and pub attendants to stop getting concerned with her action since after all she was wearing a non offensive white pant.


Her father Nyachae was among a group of prominent investors who held shares in the former CBA Group with 8.6 million shares worth about sh300 million.

Charles Nyachae

She is also a sister to former Constitution of Implementation Commission (CIC) Chair Charles Nyachae.

Charles Nyachae  is now a judge at the East African Court of Justice after President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated him following failure to clinch a position in the East Africa Legislative Assembly


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Plot to have Mariga defect to ODM – Weekly Citizen




The family of former soccer maestro MacDonald Mariga now wants him to defect from Jubilee deputy president William Ruto’s faction to Raila Odinga led ODM party.

Apart from the family, his supporters are also pressuring him Ruto after a blistering defeat in the recently held Kibra by-election.

The argument is, Kibra is an ODM zone where the population of Luhya community has been instrumental in helping Luos land the slot.


Since the introduction of multi-party politics, the seat has been in hands of Luos as Mps.

The Luhya voters in Kibra want 2022 to be a payback time and to them Mariga being a Luhya must be fronted by ODM.

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How top officials loot Afya Sacco – Weekly Citizen




The giant Afya Cooperative Savings and Credit (Sacco) Society’s General Manager and deputy chief executive officer (CEO) Livingstone Sakwa was bundled into indefinite compulsory leave before being sacked after looting hundreds of millions from the society.


Another worst aspect of the emerging scenario is the fact that Sakwa apart from looting the Sacco also took un-secured loans worth hundreds of millions of shillings that he refused to service despite persistent implorations by the board.

The multi-billion shillings Sacco that posted accumulated assets worth more than sh17 billion as at the last financial year-its central management committee (CMC) met immediately after the Sacco’s annual delegates conference (ADC) on April 27 chaired by the chairman Vitalis Lukiri to deliberate on the Sacco’s board of management.

It has emerged that though the entire top management team was on the firing line, right from the chief executive officer Felix Ndoi, his deputy Sakwa and the risk control manager Wycliffe Mwuoria from Meru had to get the first devastating blow before further action is taken on others involved in the scam.

The general manager Sakwa is reported to have presided over the looting of millions of shillings from the society not only for himself but also an inner circle in cahoots with his cronies with his outer circle of close buddies it is estimated that the Sacco lost more than sh500 million.


Though in charge of administration and human resource management at the Sacco, inside sources revealed to the media that Sakwa was a harsh, arrogant, vindictive, un-professional, greedy, high handed, abusive, salacious and an outright ‘’a gutter rat’’.

That though having joined the Sacco in a relatively shorter period of time compared to the other managers, Sakwa had a  meteoric rise from scratches to living in the skies where other individuals apart from himself matter.

A senior management official who declined to be named said: ‘’ This character is not just a predator at pilfering, swiping, grabbing, stealing, crude and sophisticated financial fraud, and hoarding the loot but is also worse on the female staff-right from the management to the junior levels’’.

The official said that Sakwa to the Sacco members of staff was a worse terror in the office than Alshabaab or al Qaeda through which he has personally been able to systematically and ruthlessly steal from the society more than sh 550 million as he terrorized the staff to do his bidding or face the sack.


Chairman Lukiri

He accused Sakwa of being a man who used his position to get what he wanted right from the skirts in the office all the way to the Sacco’s bank accounts to do is bidding to feed his insatiable greed for both cash and sex.

Though a new comer at the Sacco’s top management level, our source divulging that the man from western Kenya had superseded all the top managers including his boss Felix Ndoi in the rapid accumulation and show of massive wealth including even members of the CMC who employed him in the first place and have been steering the Afya Sacco for decades-today they have nothing to show against Sakwa’s booty.

He said that the biggest irony of the whole business is that the blundering buffoon was brought to Afya Sacco through the influence of Chairman Lukiri who also comes from western Kenya whereas Sakwa comes from Kakamega County-Lukiri comes from the neighbouring Busia county.

‘’This is a matter that virtually everybody in the office cringed and scrivened before him because they thought they were seeing the power and force of the CMC crowned with that of Lukiri-Afya Sacco had become a fiefdom for Sakwa just Germany was for Adolf Hitler before and during the second world war,’’ the source said.

From the proceeds of the loot Sakwa has reportedly built an empire in properties right from the estate of limousines that include Mercedes Benz, prado, pajeros and colonies of muilti-billion shillings real estate properties.

It has emerged that because his chairman does not frequent high class highly expensive dens, Sakwa becomes more the President of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in financial, business in the country.

Vice chair Karuiki

The estate properties stretch from the most affluent residential estates of Nairobi, its neighbouring Rongai in Kajiado county and Kakamega, Nakuru, Eldoret crowned by all manner of public service vehicles cruising the city and up-country routes.

Socially right from Nairobi city all the way to Kajiado’s Ongata Rongai town, Karen, and up-country, Sakwa, a character who splashes his wealth by taking control of the bar rooms and all services and pays in hard cash-American dollars, the British sterling pounds, the Canadian dollar-crowned by the lousy Kenyan shillings.


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