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University Students to Benefit In New CMA Literacy Program

by kenya-tribune

University students are expected to benefit from the third edition of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) University challenge, which was launched on Tuesday as part of the authorities consumers literacy program.

The challenge will see 6,015 university students drawn from 37 universities battle it out for the top prizes of Sh150,000 in first place prize, Sh100,000 second place and Sh50,000 third place prize while the winning university collects Sh75,000, through the five-stage challenge, where elimination will be done.

Stage 1 will see the students texted in an online multiple choices extermination where only the top 100 students will proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2 will involve a scavenger hunt on the regulator’s website and see only 10 top students proceed.

Stage 3 will see the participating students make a presentation to the judges where only two students will be selected.

Stage 4 will see the two shortlisted students invited to the authorities conference room to present and respond to structure question from judges, CMA staff members and other stakeholders with only the top 12 overall proceeded to the final stage.

Stage five which is the final will have the 12 top students make a 20 minutes presentation to invited public, CMA staff and judges as well as other stakeholders where the winner will be crown.

According to CMA’s Kamunyu Njoroge, in an effort to embrace technology this year’s challenge will see students participating online as opposed to the previous competition.

’’Primarily what we are trying to achieve here is to give students across the country information on how do you get engaged in the capital markets industry, how do you even assist other people to get engaged and ones you get engaged and start investing the other question is how then do you protect your investment.’’ He said.

Reiterating that the objectives objective is to enhance a culture of saving, increase debate and discussion on investment.

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